Friday, July 20, 2007

Fun-in-the-sun burned

Motorists have to pay $2.25 each time they travel across the Cross Bay Veterans Memorial Bridge, the city’s only tolled intra- borough crossing.

Veterans Bridge Toll Protested

“It’s ridiculous,” said Kevin Mellett of Briarwood, who comes to the beach almost every day before his evening bartending shift begins. “Why should we have to pay to come to our beach?”

Because you live in Queens. Now shut up and fork over the money.

Photo from Queens Chronicle


Anonymous said...

Maybe if they allowed people from Queens to cross the bridge for free, we wouldn't have as many problems in Rockaway as we do...gangs, filth, etc. You gotta use it in order to get service for it.

Anonymous said...

I guess this is why people are leaving New York. Pretty soon we will have to pay to cross a street. Too many people on the sidewalks.....congestive people pricing.....Give me a break!

Bloomberg s#@ks. He thinks the only pristine place is Manhattan. He never cared about the boroughs.

Anonymous said...

The Rockaways are so isolated, it's like having a sixth borough, if not a separate city unto itself.

Until the beaches are improved, few people would be willing to pay the toll.

Anonymous said...

The Rockaways, I'm told, got its name this the following manner:

An old time real estate developer once said at a meeting, "What in the hell do we name this isolated spit of land way out in the middle of the boonies in order to attract human habitation "?

One bright soul quickly jumped up and answered, "If you pick up a stone and throw it as far as you can....far away from could then say that's just a rock away from NYC " !

Hence, the name "ROCKAWAY" came into being!

They all clapped their hands, commending the brilliant lad and quickly gave him a promotion in the firm.....right on the spot !