Friday, July 20, 2007

The gentrification of LIC

Joe Conley, chairman of Comm- unity Board 2, said it’s rare to see a block in Long Island City without some kind of construc- tion. “It really has just exploded in the last two years,” he said. “The good news is it’s changing. The bad news is it’s too fast.”

LIC’s Vernon Boulevard On the Rise

Residents, too, express mixed feelings about the development taking place in their midst.

Ten-year Long Island City resident Joe Maddis said like most things, gentrification is good for some and bad for others. He’s concerned older residents and businesses will be priced out of the neighborhood. While new business coming in is raising property values, those living on fixed incomes who can’t afford the new prices may have no place to go.

Photo from Queens Chronicle


Anonymous said...

This is a disaster, houses here average 800k, if this continues unrestricted, none of us will be able to buy a house. It looks like a conspiracy between, realtors, developers, and sell outs. It starts when a developer keeps upping his offer, to an insane amount, until the owner sells out. Both of these bastards, especially the sell out, become instant millionaires while we fall into the fringe of poverty. This symbiotic relationship will continue to screw us until demand for housing plummets, or goes to NJ.

Anonymous said...

George Delis and those corrupt CB#1 sellouts must be all singing and dancing in the streets..... because they all stand to make some big bucks off of the over development that's going on !

Anonymous said...

If someone would offer you the money you would not take it? Please

Anonymous said...

So what should we do? Leave LIC as a crappy out-dated industrial wasteland? Just let this waterfront property linger as a dumpy nothing? This area has the potential to be one of the hottest and vibrant in the city and we should encourage that.

Anonymous said...

Vernon Blvd is a crappy out-dated industrial wasteland? I've been living here for decades and had no idea. Would love to know where all the people who worked in the nearby factories are supposed to do for work now that the yuppie invasion has begun.

Anonymous said...

The large majority of the factory jobs were going or gone well before any gentrification began. New global economics led to the reduction in manufacturing in this city, at least those old under-used factories are being converted to good residential use.

Anonymous said...

"so what should we do/ Leave LIC as a crappy, outdated industrial wasteland?"

Which scumbag do you work for? Toll Bros, Nestseekers or one of the other realtors that have set up shop in LIC? I've lived here my whole life and Vernon Blvd and the adjoining blocks were what's called a NEIGHBORHOOD. Everyone knew everyone, said hello to each other, and looked out for one another. Not some place like it is today where transients and foreigners with a lot of money make it tough for the rest of us to live with their pollution and noise. Scared little rabbits who run into their holes, never look you in the eye, but are nosey as hell when you are outside on your stoop talking to one of the few long time resident neighbors you have left.

And as for the other anonymous who asked if someone offered you money you "would not take it?" Every week we get an offer of over $1.5 million for our home (Usually by Hasidic Jews, but maybe that's just a coincidence?) and every week we decline. We love our neighborhood and we're not leaving without a fight.

Anonymous said...

It is a serious mental defect to believe that blue collar workers and residents must make way for the desires of others with money.

I worked in that area for years. It is a mixed residental and light manufacturing area, which is beautifully quiet evenings and weekends.

It is safe (except from greedy defectives) and is home to quite a number of great people who need nothing from people without taste, talent, or class.

Want to be near Manhattan? Live there!

Anonymous said...

It never surprises me that the complainers on this blog without fail respond to my intelligent, rational comments with ignorance, juvenile mentality and prejudice. Hmm, maybe you are all right - we should keep out the "foreigners" and "Hasidic Jews," that will make everything good again. All these complainers must be Native Americans.
You all really do make my point for me with these types of responses. Genius.

Anonymous said...

What do you say we invite you over to St Marys for a meeting and you say something like our community is 'dumpy nothing' to the face of those of us who live in this community.

We are proud Americans, mister, veterans and voters. Don't you ever call our community that again.

Anonymous said...

So.....the Suna brothers must be Native "anonymous" geek developer! (Oops....did I leave out an "r" and forget to capitalize a first letter )?

How's that for an appropriately "juvenile"' or "racist" response ? !!!

Anonymous said...

The people in our community were let down by our community board, our politicians, and our government from mayor to governor.

We are treated like 2nd class citizens with no say in our future and are being pushed out of our own community.

Its a damn shame. I live here all my life, and to be treated like this really makes me fearful of the future of this country.

Anonymous said...

No.... I wouldn't take the money "anonymous #2" !

I don't have the scruples of a low down thief and coward like yourself !!!

I don't know if I'm spelling it correctly but.......
That's Greek look it up !!!

Anonymous said...

"Anonymous #3".....

I take it that your use of the word "vibrant" means overbuilt and overcrowded to the max with no consideration for an antique infrastructure (i.e. as in similarly "vibrant" Flushing) .

Remember there may be some political juice on the part of Don "junior" Vallone & Co. pushing for mega development...... but Con Ed's "juice" ran just a little short last summer.....didn't it ? !!!

I've got no argument with you that this will become one of the "hottest" areas if there is another blackout and the air conditioners grind to a halt !!!