Thursday, July 19, 2007

Maspeth monstrosities

Here are 2 beauties just south of the Ridgewood Plateau at 64th Street and 55th Avenue in Maspeth. Both are listed as 2-family homes. Those must be rather large families, who had some real fun bailing out their basement garages yesterday.


Anonymous said...

I feel like bulldozing them first-hand, including the ways in which they destroyed our grass, trees, and the in-context developments. The contractors & homeowners are inhumane!!!!

Anonymous said...

I go to this neighborhood a lot. I'll try to count the electric meters or mailboxes next time I go by.

What disgusting pieces of crap.

Anonymous said...

Thats Architecture!! (NOT) - bf ugly pieces of crap.

Anonymous said...

I don't think the top edge of the windows is supposed to be so close to the roof (building #2).

Anonymous said...

These unfinished looking "beauties" sure have finished off the neighborhood !

Let's scramble the jets for a surprise scrape and run napalm raid !

I'm afraid that's the only answer !

Anonymous said...

Look at the rust bleeding down from the windows.

faster340 said...

I have to make a comment about this page. I live a few blocks away from the house at the top of the page. I agree that it's a big giant house and is out of tune with the neighborhood but the difference of this one house is that the people who live there actually keep it very nice and there is never any crap laying around or hanging off balconies etc. etc. I think it's not the most attractive building but the people living there take time to keep it clean and well maintained.

Just thought I should add this in since the "Queens Crap" title is handed out too liberally sometimes.

Russell M.