Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Artist seeks people who've been crapped on

I am a photo- graphy fellow working on a project for the Design Trust for Public Space with the ultimate goal of creating a still photographic documentary of views in New York to be published and to be an exhibition. I am examining how development is affecting the skyline of the city. I am looking for interesting people who have interesting apartments with views quintessential to their community.

These views may be great, changing, or ruined by development. The goal is to create a body of work that represents the texture of New York through portraits and through a sense of space. Do you know anyone who has a view that is great or in transition or ruined? I am photographing all types of people and places to get a cross section of the city. Each participant will receive a portrait in exchange and knowledge that they are supporting art and making a piece of New York history. Please help me meet appropriate people. Please do not hesitate to contact me with anything that may be appropriate.


Gail Albert Halaban

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Anonymous said...


Postpone your art career (or do it while you're doing something else) and study investment banking (etc.) instead or else you may wind up like most other artists.....financially impoverished.....and unable to buy into the great neighborhoods that you're photographing !

I sadly watched as SOHO turned from a pioneering artists' community in the 60s-70s and later witnessed all those poor artists (sacrificial lambs) kicked out of that same neighborhood because they could no longer afford the rents in their huge (formerly cheap) studios ! (My former painting teacher remained because he was able to command about $25,000 per canvas at the "O.K Harris Gallery" )!

The same is happening in Long Island City.....about to happen in Willliamsburg and the other far flung areas that artists are pioneering (i.e. Mott Haven) !

Artists are notoriously bad businesspeople and are usually destined to be crucified on their own easels!

That's why I decided to employ my art in the advertising business with the result being the mortgage on my home has long been paid off !

Now my paintings sell for much more than merely decent prices (and so would my house if I chose to sell it) !

You bet I'm bitter !

NYC is in the midst of pissing on the art and culture that has made this great city worth living in.... in the first place !

We have a 1/2 pint Napoleon for a mayor who has no soul....with a "heart" that's just a computer !

In true Darwinian fashion.....only the strong shall survive here!

Now that I've vented.....forget about all that's been said....and DO WHAT YOU'VE GOT TO DO !

Have no regrets !

Good luck !