Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Pre-war vs. Pre-fab on Astoria Blvd

"Here is another brick "box" at 27-10 Astoria Boulevard. Notice how much it protrudes past the neighboring house, the architecture is an absolute embarrassment when compared to the surrounding architecture.

Here is an example of the existing prewar archi- tecture.

Compare the two structures:

The old building: Notice the elegant use of arches, intricate brickwork, and charming touches such as Mediterranean roof tiles on the parapet and the hedge which fully surrounds the building. The best architecture has a theme this building was designed to resemble, a Romanesque castle.

The new building: The white molding, cornices, and window keystones are a good start. In this case the architect/developer failed to use any more appealing elements (probably) to save cash, such as the contrasting brickwork, delicate arches, or subtle touches on the parapet present in the old building to complement the molding. In this case the white molding and the bright puke colored brick make an unsightly combination. This building has no apparent theme.

Also, notice how many new developments have the first floor covered in white concrete with the horizontal stripes running across, this scheme is typical of Manhattan buildings and is quite rare in Queens architecture, its a hint as to whom the developers are catering to, the exiled Manhattan crowd.

My point is that architecture does not have to be ugly, simple things such choosing a brick color scheme that complements surrounding structures, a hedge, or the patterned brickwork on the old building would allow many of the new buildings to properly complement their surroundings." - anonymous


Anonymous said...

A severe Soviet style apartment block .

It's not likely, however, that any proletariat will be able to afford one of these !

Anonymous said...

The employment of refined architectural ornament requires taste....
which this "developer" has not exhibited.

Build it fast, bank your profits,
then quickly run away.

Tenants with any future problems
are advised to take them up with
the owner's real estate management company .

He'll be too busy soaking up the sun
in his villa overlooking the sea !

Unfortunately our municipal pooper-scooper law doesn't cover this sort of "dump" !

Anonymous said...

4th rate "luxury"

for Manhattan wannabees

who can't afford the really 1st rate
pre-war condos on Park Ave
just across the river !

Anonymous said...

This really does not look that bad. No fedders, no "open drawer" balconies, and I like the fact that it comes right out to the sidewalk. The adjacent houses do not because they have parking for a front yard, and they are 80s style Queens crap. On top of it, it replaced derelict property.

Thumbs up from me.

Anonymous said...


Sarah said...

This is the least boxy and nicest looking construction to go up in that area in the 12 years I've lived in Astoria! Yes, it is larger than the other buildings, but it does not seem out of place. It does not have "pre war" charm, but there are other styles of architecture that can also be charming. If you want crap, I can send in some pictures of utter Queens Crap!