Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Jail over construction death

A Brooklyn judge yesterday sentenced the owners of a construction company to the maximum penalty of six months in prison for causing the death of a worker who was not equipped with a safety harness when he fell from a scaffold in Bushwick.

2 get 6 mos. in hardhat's fatal plunge

Defense attorney Jerry Bernstein said the defendants had paid for Jabbie's wedding and bought an Acura sedan for him before the June 2005 accident.

"In terms of showing care for their employees, the government wonders why instead of paying for a wedding and an Acura, they didn't pay for a harness and training that would have ensured the safety of their worker," said Assistant U.S. Attorney Sarah Coyne.


Anonymous said... least now we know what human life is worth in the construction/development business to the owners!

A paltry price tag has now been affixed to the traditional morgue's toe tag on the victim's body!

I hope that rather short prison sentence that was handed down to these perps by the judge is to be spent among the general population of prisoners and the nature of their crimes fully disclosed to all the inmates !

Perhaps then ....full justice will be served !

Anonymous said...

Hmm, I wonder if they have to serve the entire sentence. There will probably be more deaths before more stringent sentences or improvement in safety standards take effect.