Monday, July 23, 2007

Johnny's in the money

Queens Councilman John Liu is relatively new to politics, but he's raising cash like a seasoned pro - pulling in more than even Council Speaker Christine Quinn.

Liu has banked $1.6 million for an unspecified campaign in 2009, when his term-limited stint on the Council must end.

Lotta loot for Liu's future

Liu's contributions come from varied sources, many of them New Yorkers of Asian heritage. And many donors have maxed out - given the maximum of $4,950 to a municipal candidate for citywide office.

"I'm humbled by the amount of community pride out there," Liu said. "A common trait among my donors is that they have not contributed to political campaigns before now."

Your donors have never contributed to a politician before, but all of a sudden they are forking over 5K to a lightweight who hasn't declared what he's running for yet?


Things are heating up in the comptroller's race as well:


The chair of the City Council Finance Committee, David Weprin (D-Queens), has raised $1.2 million. His Queens colleague Melinda Katz has pulled in $1.3 million for the race, with $700,000 pouring in this year.

Lots of developer money in the kitty, no doubt.

Photo from Daily News


Anonymous said...

Funny how you get politicians from Flushing who cannot negotiate the English languague, look like a deer in headlights when they confront something from the insrutible western culture, yet not only get elected, but have the Queens press fawn all over them.


Naw. Follow the money!

Anonymous said...

In another few years we can landmark the dragon boat docks.

Richmond Hill, Maspeth, LIC? Not historically (read campaign contributions) significant.

I like the landmarks law! After all, how can you build on a lake?

Anonymous said...

Yikes. If you don't like him, fine. Tell us why. I'm learning about Queens politics and I'd like to know. But cool it on the racist stuff,please, like "inscrutable" and the reference to the dragon boats. Thanks.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous #1 -- It's obvious you have never heard Liu speak. He's one of the more articulate Council Members and is fluent in English, with no accent. Maybe you should investigate before you pull crap out of your bum.

Anonymous #2 -- great idea to landmark the dragon boat docks -- they look and have more historic significance than some of the other crap some people in Queens want to landmark and luckily haven't been able to.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous #1 said Liu can't negotiate the English language, not that he can't speak English. His grammar and public speaking skills leave much to be desired. (If you had been at a recent ceremony at the Quaker meeting house and watched our friend Johnny-on-the-spot in action, you'd know exactly what was meant by that remark.)

The point about the dragon boat docks is that you can't build on them because they are in the water. Those are the types of landmarks we get in Queens - ones by default.

Anonymous said...

"But cool it on the racist stuff,please, like "inscrutable" and the reference to the dragon boats."

Actually the poster had in mind was a certain female offiical from Flushing.

And the point of the Dragon Boat docks is an effort by the powers that be to brand Queens as exclusively an ethnic dumping ground. Take a look at the 'wonderful' stained glass on the 7 line. It goes through the alpahbet hitting every targeted ethic group it can. 'D' is not for Douglaston, but 'Dragon' boat, like 'X' is not for the first Xerox but some obscure far eastern board game.

I realize that under the protection of the clubhouse, immigrants can do pretty much what they please; the rest of us have to suffer.

They are be fully confident that if anyone even looks they will be publicly censored by the tweeder politician their lapdog press.

That is about to change. Everyone in this country is equal. Be confident people in being an American citizen, veteran, or taxpayer. It is your right to say anything you wish about the tweeded any day of the week.

Sorry clubhouse.

Anonymous said...

How does the son of a crook....Joseph Liu (convicted of bank fraud....Great Eastern Bank) get to be a NYC council member ?

It wasn't by a landslide....he barely squeaked by with a very narrow margin !

And what of his family ties to that other notorious felon Tommy Huang ?

Where is all that money coming from....Taiwan....maybe.....(after it's been discreetly laundered ) ?

Anonymous said...

Liu is a bumbling and incompetent public speaker but he does have full command of the English language and perhaps (????) some shady campaign contributions ? !!!

But then again, it's those clubhouse ventriloquists that are putting the words in his mouth, while they skilfully manipulate their favorite dummy !

Anonymous said...

My, my, my...... what juvenile retorts are coming from the Liu camp posters !

I thought that his "Parkside" political advisors could do better.... I guess not !

It must gall C.M. Liu to look at himself each day knowing that he never wanted but was forced into doing a job that he's clearly not suited for !

How does it feel being a party politics hand puppet ? !!!

My sympathies !

Anonymous said...

Money got Johnny Liu elected. Speaking of money, all those pigs mentioned in the article are handled by The Parkside Group. The guys at Parkside must be creamin' over the money!