Wednesday, July 18, 2007

LIE turns into river

Frank Principe (formerly Maurice) Park

Cars diverted east down the westbound LIE service road.

Cars detoured down 63rd Street. Why?

This is why.
Then there's the Long Island River:

Canoeing anyone?

Here's a Queens flooding report from NY1: Transit Disruptions From Rain Storm Persist Through Evening Commute

Those people in basement apartments must be enjoying life right about now...

Videos and photos courtesy of Juniper Park Civic Association


Anonymous said...

The E, F, V,R trains were no better. :(

Anonymous said...

This is the reason why we should not allow anymore development. We can't handle it!

Anonymous said...

yes,electricity,water, sewer etc..
the systems are not built to handle the increase in population, then mother nature throws her 2 cents in.

Anonymous said...

I work right where those pictures are taken, every storm we have maurice ave + lie service road flood, along with the warehouse of where I work