Monday, July 23, 2007

Upper West Side Story

Mom-and-pop businesses are moving out of the Upper West Side at a feverish pace and they're being replaced mostly by national chain stores and banks. In part one of this special report "West Side Story," die-hard Upper West Side residents are seething with rage.

West Side Story: Mom-And-Pop Shops Priced Out Of Neighborhood

And while it may not seem like a big deal in other parts of the city, Upper West Side residents say they are devastated by the loss of long time community oriented businesses.

And the rest of the city is what? Chopped liver?

Photo from Gammablog


Anonymous said...

Maybe now NYC will take notice.... now that those privileged brats who inhabit the upper west side start complaining.

People of Queens seem to be treated like the old "silent majority" !

What we need is some sort of retail/small business rent control in this city.....but I doubt that we'll ever see it !

The robber barons of real estate hold us like serfs in their greedy clenched fists and they're choking all the unique small businesses that give NYC its character to death !

Only the big retail chains (and the banks) can afford the price of these rent gouging landlords !

Anonymous said...

Typical Manhattan-centric news reporting.

Anonymous said...

I found this article very hard to read with all the tears in my eyes.......NOT!