Friday, July 27, 2007

Row over rowhouses

The historic houses, located on the west side of 72nd Avenue between Austin Street and Queens Boule- vard, are currently selling for about $4 million, with realtors advertising four offices, 11 apartments and — most troubling for some locals — air rights that would allow future owners to modify or raze the structures.

“Why,” asked Perlman, “should properties that tell the story of the evolution of Forest Hills feed a landfill?”

Because developers want it that way and they run the city.

Commission Rejects Request To Landmark Forest Hills Site

This is cute. Katz scolding the Landmarks Commission:

The commission’s own data appear to bolster some of Perlman’s charges. According to figures obtained by Councilwoman Melinda Katz’s office, there are a total of 53 historic districts in Manhattan, in contrast to six in Queens. Additionally, there are 16 in Brooklyn, nine in the Bronx and three in Staten Island.

“The commission’s own data does reveal a stark disparity in the number of historic districts in Manhattan and throughout the rest of the city,” said James McClellan, a Katz spokesman.

Why do you think that is, James?


Anonymous said...

Funny, did not see a ripple from the preservation community.

Where in the hell are those borros when you need them?

Anonymous said...

Never put aside what you believe in, Chairman Perlman. It's wonderful being involved with Rego-Forest Preservation Council. These row houses are a needle in a haystack, and deserve landmarking. Melinda Katz, please help us. 72nd Ave and Forest Hills has potential and beauty.

Anonymous said...

Folks, life is short and I do not have the time to wake up every morning and write about how we get screwed.

Can someone start the machinery to overturn this perfidious landmarks law once and for all?

Anonymous said...

Wow.....James is now speaking from the podium of the Katz litter box and is now insisting that Forest Hills get its fair share of landmarks !

I guess the black eye Melinda got from her turning her back on the landmark worthy Trylon Theater hasn't healed yet !

Her well known anti preservation position just caught up with her and bit her on the ass !

It's time for her office to put a new PR spin on the witch's image !

So go-fer Mc Clellan has landed this job !

I wouldn't trust him or that developers' courtesan/canoodler as far as I could piss !

Anonymous said...

Is there any residential or commercial demand for these houses in their current state?

Anonymous said...

There just might be an explanation for the disparity between Queens and Manhattan.

Land is cheaper in Queens and developers want cheap land.

I believe the various developers make "Land Swaps" with the LPC, Katz and city agencies (including the mayor).

Deny Landmark status to valued properties in Queens, award status to questionable properties in Manhattan. Demolish the valuable and build garbage in Queens. Property values in Manhattan and Queens rise.

The scumlords profit and leave the mess for others.

Anonymous said...

Euro-money is busy buying up Manhattan !

They don't consider Queens to be a world class location even if the land is cheaper here !

That leaves the 2nd rate money boys and land grabbers to gobble up all existing "underutilized" properties in Queens and cram them chock full of over-bloated ugly building projects !!

Anonymous said...


I love your use of "SCUMLOARDS".....brilliant !

What a creative descriptive glossary of terms this site is generating !

Let's copyright them !

Anonymous said...

This will be posted on this site frequently:

A group is gathering evidence that the landmarks law should be overturned and are requesting the public to submit applications to the landmarks commission. At the same time, contact Historic Districts Council, the Municipal Art Society, and your local official in writing to advise them of your action.

Keep the LPC rejection letter. And note the reponse to your efforts by the preservation organizations and elected officals.

Save this in a file. There will be a call from the public to submit the information at the right time.

Now send in those applications today!

Anonymous said...

Please continue to keep us posted on efforts to overturn the landmarks law and reform it to what it was meant to be. It's a great idea continuing to submit those applications (RFE), and keeping their rejection letters on file. Fight the good fight!

Anonymous said...

If there is no demand to use these houses in their current state, then it would be useless to landmark them.

Anonymous said...

There's no demand to use the Domino sugar factory in its current state, but LPC designated that without hesitation. It's called adaptive reuse.

Anonymous said...

When the citywide preservation movement began in the mid 60s & further developed in the following decades, there was solid evidence which showed how historic structures can be adaptively reused. Other parts of the U.S. have caught on, and adaptive reuse has made those areas more desirable economically & aesthetically. Why can't this happen here? Forest Hills is just as worthy, and I question why anyone would live here who thinks we're not.

Anonymous said...

They need not necessarily be landmarked to be saved, but without strong community support and willing investors, it will be difficult. I can't see why they can't be reused to enhance the character of the surrounding area.
The sellers have pretty much signed off their fate. Buyers at that price will have specific goals in mind.

Anonymous said...

My historic preservation organization has already accumulated a lengthy file on the LPC and is awaiting the proper moment for a sit down meeting with responsible developers to discuss the option of joining in a lawsuit to overturn the Municipal Landmarks Law which is currently serving neither of us well !

Anonymous said...

Can your historic preservation organization leave an e-mail address, so those who have experienced "The Tierney" (form of government) can get in touch with you?

Anonymous said...

Sorry.... we cannot leave our e-mail address right might compromise our efforts with any ongoing or future investigations into the LPC.

When the time is proper.....we will reveal ourselves full blown !

In the meantime....get your ducks in order and be patient !

Anonymous said...

Our civic has sent in letters on a number of locations in our part of Queens and got back those letters.

Don't worry, we have saved them (along with their envelops sent to us with our address not typed but in the hand of a child's scribble -- we guess the commission's way of sending us a dig on how much they hold us in contempt.)

We are itching to pay back that favor. Let us know when you want them. We will support your efforts at overturning the law.

Anonymous said...

Richmond Hill is behind you. This is ridiculous on their refusal to landmark us.

Anonymous said...

All our correspondence to LPC was sent certified mail return receipt with a notary public's seal affixed !

It may have been a little costly but now we've got a legal paper trail !

Anything less when writing letters to the LPC just won't do !