Friday, July 20, 2007

Underwater city?

Sea level is projected to rise as much as 23 inches, causing flooding of "critical infrastructures of Lower Manhattan to waterfront homes on Long Island" as "some major insurers have withdrawn coverage from thousands of homeowners in coastal areas of the Northeast including New York City."

NYC warming quickly: Study

Toward the end of this century New York City is projected to face the possibility every 10 years of experiencing the kind of flooding it would previously have endured only every once in 100 years.


Anonymous said...

Looks kinda like a scene from the 1960s series "Voyage to the Bottom of Sea"

Anonymous said...

You do realize that this study has been around for years, and that it has been criticized as extremely exaggerated by other scientists.

Anonymous said...

Time to bring back that vintage TV show that stars a dolphin....."Flipper" !

No..... we don't mean "flipping'.....this ain't no real estate deal !