Friday, July 20, 2007

They don't deserve a park

Sorry kids, you live in the wrong neighbor- hood, in the wrong borough, are the wrong color and have no money. So go play on the railroad tracks and stop causing trouble for Mayor Bloomberg. he has more important people and places to worry about.

Trees Topple, But Church Will Stay Standing: Locals

Avella slams loss of St. Saviour trees

St. Saviour Update: Residents Decry Site’s Destruction

Photo from Queens Chronicle


Anonymous said...

Commissar Blunderberg persists in maintaining New York as a sanctuary city for illegal aliens.

But, at the opportunity of converting an actual former spiritual sanctuary for all into a nature sanctuary for the residents of Maspeth, he tells these people to "shove it".

Green mayor? Yeah! He just joined Gallagher in the gang rape of nearly 200 trees on that land.

Why would a rich person like the Commissar want to profit from the greed of developers and the cheesy, sleazy Gallagher? His own bloated ego and unrequited greed!

Anonymous said...

Another Pinky situation.

John Q.Public gets screwed (no pun intended) again!

Anonymous said...

Gallagher was caught with his pants down by the ghosts of St. Saviour's!

Don't mess with St. Saviour's... Dennis!

Anonymous said...

This just begs for a documentary:

Some on the community board would turn this over to developers.

No newspaper has done a real in depth story about this

The preservation community has all but ignored this.

This place will be the 800 pound gorilla in the room every time the preservation community gets together and congratulate themselve on the health of the preservation movement.

Anonymous said...

A documentary? Where's Michael Moore when we really need him? The local community groups should hire a filmmaker looking for street cred.

Anonymous said...

We've all got video capture appliances (camcorders, cameras, cell phones ).

There's already been a lot of photo/video documenting on the subject of St. Saviours!

All it takes is a brief outline script, a decent voice over commentary, and a suitable editing session on a home computer and you've already got a documentary !

Since the average viewer's attention span has been clocked at about 15 minutes....there's no need to produce a lengthy docu/drama .

Keep it short & simple....include just the bare bones facts.....make cheap dupes (about 15 cents a disc if you buy discount in bulk) and distribute the finished product FOR FREE where it'll do the most good !

This can become a very powerful tool !!!

Anonymous said...

and distribute it on the world wide web !