Saturday, July 28, 2007

Crap, Russian style

You know the old expression "money doesn't buy class." Attached is an ad in a Russian-language paper for a super luxury condo on Manhattan's West Side designed by Jean Nouvel. Notice the misspelled words on the ad. The buyers may be rich, but don't assume they're literate.



Anonymous said...


So former "Das Kapital" enthusiasts now find happiness as "Capitalists" in their newly adopted world address....the golden isle of Manhattan !

The Russ-kies (mobsters???) we've been quietly told by our contacts in many of those giant real estate brokerage firms.....are one of the largest groups that's gobbling up all that overpriced island real estate !

A long way from Brighton ? !!!!

Anonymous said...

Meanwhile, hard working American citizens, having to pay heavy taxes to support politicans tweeding, and their buddies the developers, cannot afford housing.

Think any politician will look into this?


Anonymous said...

She is fighting the war she helped start in Iraq.

This is messy. This is a no win for her.

Don't bother her with her eyes so close to what she wants.

Anonymous said...

The foreign oligarchs who own these luxury condos probably spend almost no time inside them. To them, these apartments are used only when they visit New York. Otherwise, it's like buying stocks or gold bars. Just another example of capital.

For most of us, an apartment is a home, not a trophy.