Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Pinky proclaims innocence - on camera

Councilman Dennis Gallagher is no longer hiding behind closed doors anymore, folks. He just continues to make deals behind them.

Queens Councilman Speaks Out Against Rape Allegations

Notice how he says "in the long run". Expect a mug shot soon.

Photo from NY1


Anonymous said...

He should resign. His community deserves better.

Anonymous said...

He's innocent.

Anonymous said...

His body language shouts out: "I'm guilty and I'll do it again!".

Anonymous said...

Dearest Bubba,

I appreciate the affectionate notes you have written to me, and I want you to know that I look forward with quivering cheeks to sharing a pillow (and much more) with you.

Please ask your Mexican friends to be gentle. Try to understand that I view all females of any age, race or occupation as wanting my rough sex. Yes, rough sex; some call it rape. I just call it commanding and domineering.

After all, when someone is as elfin-sized and sex and booze minded as I am, we need to be a dominant force in a woman's life.

So, what I "allegedly" did to that Mexican lady was done with all the love that I'm capable.

I'm even willing to cuddle up with your friends in the shower or laundry room to show them that I just want more love.

But, Bubba, please, please, I beg you, be gentle.

I will make you a happy lover.

Looking forward to our first kiss,

Dennis - the pink-pantied elf

Anonymous said...

he's a pig and should resign now. no woman is safe while this scum is on the streets.

Anonymous said...

Well over 2 weeks since this horrific crime and not a peep from chubbsy ubbsy Cimino. Not a blog message or any public declarations. For a blowhard who never shuts the hell up, the fat wonder sure has been silent lately.

Anonymous said...

What was Pinky fumbling with below his waist....
whilst the TV cameras were focussed upon his face ? !!!!

Anonymous said...

This man's record speaks for himself. He cannot walk the streets in half the neighborhood scorned by those he is supposed to serve, and treated as a ripe herring by his erstwhile allies.

He has no political future. Usually these guys will find some little desk in some machine appointed committee and get a chance to draw a salary and some kind of pension in exchange for delivering the community to the machine’s needs. After all, the clubhouse doesn’t exist to pick up garbage and clean streets.

But you know, after what he is about to do to St Saviours, I wager even the developers will treat him like Benedict Arnold. They may tip their hat when they see him in the streets, but will never invite him over for tea.

Yes, everyone would agree, he did what he had power to do. The delivery boy performed his yeoman’s task.

But a different man would have sung a different song and left a monument to his melody. He would have figured out how to make the community and clubhouse happy.

He is a sad, lonely, person indeed. His future is bleak.

Anonymous said...

Why sympathy?

Why he did to the innocent people in his community is reprehensible.

Anonymous said...

leave the man alone. he's just trying to earn his 116,000 the right way.

Anonymous said...

From Lou Dobbs:

It's beginning to look like the American people may finally have had a bellyful of elected officials who do little more than shill for lobbyists, ignore the interests of America's citizens and perpetuate rather than solve the problems facing this nation
Could it be that we are seeing the awakening of the American people to the political charade that has been perpetrated for too many years by both political parties in Washington? We must do more than hope.