Friday, June 1, 2007

Four Queens parks get an 'F'

New Yorkers for Parks did a survey and graded parks throughout the city:

The failing parks are Powell's Cove Park in College Point, Rainey Park in Astoria, Rochdale Park in Springfield Gardens and Southern Fields in South Ozone. Powell's Cove and Southern Fields were respectively ranked sixth and eighth worst in New York City.

Four Queens Parks Get Failing Grades

Three other borough parks received a D grade: Broad Channel Park, Francis Lewis Park in Whitestone and Linnaeus Playground in Oakland Gardens.

Complete report here: An Independent Assessment of New York City’s Neighborhood Parks

Map from CityMap

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Anonymous said...

Well, if some of the people could detach themselves from "Goodwill Triangle" and go over to Rainey and help the community instead of an agency then perhaps things would look better.