Friday, June 29, 2007

Bigger Apple

New York City ranks No. 1 in attracting new residents since 2000, adding nearly 206,000 people. That's more than Phoenix, Houston or Los Angeles gained. Of the 35 cities that added the most population, New York is the only one not located in the South or West.

Big Apple, Southern cities tops in growth

Economic prosperity and the arrival of new immigrants, who have higher birth rates than the overall population, are driving the city's growth. "It's written into the DNA of New York that immigrants are welcome," says Warren Brown of the Cornell Institute for Social and Economic Research.

Of course, these numbers all depend on who you ask.


Anonymous said...

These numbers are simply unacceptable, and they probably don't include the illegals. It's nice to see how Bloomberg plays the population card to justify enormous projects. Why dosen't this piece of garbage do his duty and serve those who elected him FIRST, rather than using our tax dollars to bring others in? The problem is population growth you imbecile, stop building garbage and work on limiting the number of people who move into this city.

Anonymous said...

Isn't "churning out babies for the state" (as fodder for the underclass work-force) is really what our gov't has in mind ?

H-m-m-m......shades of Facism (WW II era) !

Perhaps an "iron ring" will be awarded to every overproducing immigrant mother !