Saturday, June 30, 2007

Group's aim: gain more river access

An alliance of environmental groups literally covered the waterfront last week on a four-borough cruise to envision how the East River might one day become more accessible and enjoyable to those living or visiting near its shoreline.

The coalition's agenda lists more that 70 recommendations in Queens alone, ranging from improvements to Flushing Bay and the World's Fair Marina to "an affordable ferry" serving LaGuardia Airport and restoring the Flushing River.

Imagining an East River for all

"With more than 1,000 acres of development now proposed for the East River shoreline, we have an opportunity to create a waterfront that will fulfill all our diverse needs," the coalition said. "But if we don't seize it, this opportunity will soon disappear."

To purchase the East River book, visit The Greater Astoria Historical Society.


verdi said...

The only river access anyone is going to get from those greedy exclusionary waterfront developers is when they tell you to jump into it for demanding your rights in the first place !

Anonymous said...

The proposals left out, despite repeated and pointed requests, a talking point from a number of groups from Brooklyn and Queens to fight private development on the East River waterfront in favor of a public park just like they have in Manhattan.

I repeat. It was left out.

This was no oversight, but intentional.

The bastards.