Monday, June 18, 2007

Council on WP redevelopment: Not so fast!

From the Daily News:

Warning signs are being raised by members of the City Council about Mayor Bloomberg's proposed Willets Point redevelopment plan. The signs say, "Not so fast!" Council members, who will have a big say on whether the spectacular project becomes a reality, have flagged numerous sticking points.

Council vs. Willets plan

Some of the Queens Council members are gearing up to make sure that Willets Point property owners and businesses are given more than - in Avella's words - "a swift kick in the butt to get out."


Anonymous said...

I hope Tony Avella can withstand the pressure from his friends at Parkside on this issue.

Anonymous said...

I have to give this blog and "crappy" (??) credit for the Council Member's reaction to the development of Wellington Point. Obviously our comments are being read. Thank you!

Anonymous said...

There certainly are a lot of crooks out there working to get this project greased through in a damn hurry!

But maybe a little City Council sand in the gears may stop it long enough until a more careful and impartial examination of this "Wellington Point" boondoggle occurs!!!

Gary said...

Thanks for posting on this. Isn't there anyplace left in this city for industrial sites?

I'm all for redeveloping brownfields . . . abandoned ones. My understanding is there are a ton of thriving, if gritty, businesses on this parcel.

Where are they supposed to go?

Anonymous said...

"Tony Avella (D-Queens) said, "The fact that the city expects the property owners to sell their land based on what's existing on the property is absurd."

Now it's *absurd* to get a fair price for what is *existing*.


Enough wasting time negotiating with these greedy cockroaches!

Anonymous said...

Cockroaches? Interesting choice of words. Sounds like a term the PARKSIDE group would use to describe "constituents".

Anonymous said...

The City of New York has consistently denied the area roads and sewers that the Willets Point property owners have begged them for...... years and years back!

If you had no toilet facilities, for example, in your house....lets see what conditions might exist in your living space!

C'mon....stop jerking our're the "Cockroach" here "anonymous poster"!

Anonymous said...

Modern Real Estate Practice in New York by Edith Lank defines the term Eminent Domain as: The right of a government or quasii-public body to acquire property for public use through a court action called condemnation.

Good night nurse! Queen's judges deciding the fate of these property owners? At the request of Claire Shulman and Parkside?

Demand a change in venue! Giuliani did with Manes' boys in the 80's when he took the trial to New Haven. Wyoming would be a safe bet. Maybe they don't know about the queen's machine there.

georgetheatheist said...

And WHERE is Shulman going to get the 60 Grand she's committed to paying Parkside when she and Driscoll signed the contract?

Schenkler, Schnepps, Blank, Barsamian, Weidler stop sleeping and get to work!!

Anonymous said...

I have an idea for a fair compromise. Let the development proceed as planned, but let ONE body-shop remain, one whose owner lives in Queens, closest to Willets Pt.

The rest can open up junk-yards in their own neighborhoods in Nassau, Suffolk, Westchester. This way, everyone can be conveniently located near a junk-yard, instead of one gigantic Iron Triangle.

Anonymous said...

"And WHERE is Shulman going to get the 60 Grand she's committed to paying Parkside when she and Driscoll signed the contract?"

Evan will lobby his momma and his other clients for some taxpayers money.

Sixty grand is only the begining, Claire needs some salary as well as office expenses.

Anonymous said...

I hope some of those junk yard dogs yap Evan, Wellington and Claire on their asses!