Monday, June 18, 2007

No condos for Coney

Mega-developer Thor Equities, which has reportedly laid out more than $100 million so far to rejuvenate Coney Island, has given up on plans for a highly profitable residential component to its Las Vegas-style amusement park project.

Coney Island condo plan beached

"Nobody has ever thought it was a good idea to have condos south of Surf Ave.," said Albert, who hopes to relocate her 45-year-old family-owned amusement park elsewhere along the Coney Island waterfront.

NYC developer revamps plan for Coney Island, nixing luxury condos

Coney Island Plan Is Scaled Back, but Critics Are Skeptical

Photo from NY Times


Anonymous said...

I read about some of their tactics.

Never, ever trust a developer. They do not live in your community, care nothing for those wonderful quirkly little things that makes our home and block wonderful.

You are dollars. Pure and simple. And as long as your investment and your family's future is in their grip, everything you do can be swept away overnight.

Take back our city from the developers and their buddies, the politicians, urban think tanks, and newspapers.

Anonymous said...

I would like to see Coney Island preserved. It needs some work, but come on, this is the last amusement park in the city. It's famous!

Please no more Condos......leave it an amusement park. Fix it up and they will come.......

Anonymous said...

I abundantly second the plea of the previous blogger!