Sunday, June 24, 2007

Neglected Meditation Garden

Like the Tent of Tomorrow, the Meditation Garden is another abandoned World's Fair landmark in Flushing Meadows. - mazeartist
Within the garden, there are no benches left to sit on.
The Garden is not accessible to wheel- chairs, as noted by the bump on the curb and the cracks in the path.
A sign points to the prophet Micah as an inspiration. Unmowed grass almost covers the marker.
A 1964 World's Fair map showing the Meditation Garden in green and the Tent of Tomorrow in orange. Both landmarks stand neglected and abandoned.

A Francis Bacon quote also appears forgotten.


Anonymous said...

Guys, we have gone over this again and again.

I want to know about the preservation group for the park headed up by that old Shulmanus operative, Aida Gonzales.

Impressive roster on their board, they have been around a while, so what in the hell are they doing?

Anonymous said...

Hey! Whaddya want from Lewandowski? Some actual useful work?

Gawd! She's a kyaker, not the lawn boy! Leave her alone!

She leaves the parks alone, Benepe leaves her alone, Bloomberg leaves Benepe alone.

Nobody dies! Taxes get collected. It's not like they should care about their responsibilities.

Anonymous said...

Yes....another leftover of the old "Shul-Manes" era.....Aida Gonzales !

A token Latina.... head of a preservation group for a park highly used by Latinos.... is less likely to be criticized for her sub-standard job performance !

Anonymous said...

Why fix up or maintain the park. We need new land for more CRAP!!!