Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Spitzer Nominates Developer To Lead MTA

By Staff Reporter of the NY Sun
June 19, 2007

Governor Spitzer yesterday nominated a prominent real estate developer as chairman of the Metropolitan Transportation Authority. Dale Hemmerdinger, 62, is president of the Hemmerdinger Corporation and of Atco Properties and Management.

As a former head of the Citizens Budget Commission, he recommended a fare hike to help the MTA cover operating expenses. Mr. Hemmerdinger would replace another real estate mogul, Peter Kalikow, if approved by the State Senate.


Anonymous said...

What's with the MTA and real estate moguls? Hemmerdinger owns and runs Atlas Park shopping center. The rerouting of a bus route to serve his mall is completely coincidental, of course. Looks like the freight tracks that run past the back will be under his control now as well.

Anonymous said...

Proposed a fare hike. Surely the MTA went along with that kicking and screaming.

He's demonstrated his reliability (to the politicians), so the dance can start.

Will Maltese vote against this nominee?

So much for Spitzer's claim of a new way!

Anonymous said...

The city has announced that development will run along lines of transportation.

How long do you think all that hard won downzoning along the LIRR in eastern Queens will last?

Anonymous said...

Just a little bit of impropriety here??

Anonymous said...

ok . . . now things are making sense. No wonder the bus is getting rerouted.

Anonymous said...

He recommended a fare hike to help the MTA cover operating expenses? So this is who I should be thanking, eh?

Anonymous said...

What makes this guy qualified to run the MTA?

Anonymous said...

he has a lot of money and is a friend of the governor. what more qualifications do you want?

verdi said...

we're always keeping a watchful eye on you Council Member Melinda Katz (chair of the Land Use Committee) !

Is this the same Atco Properties & Management that contributed to your political campaign ?

You bet it is...... according to NYC Campaign Finance Board records !!!

This is, once again, the real "City Club" at work !
(Do you suppose a humble citizen like myself can apply for membership) ?