Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Doorman hops off fence


June 26, 2007 -- A plan to create the largest historic district in Queens - including more than 600 homes - will get a boost today when a local councilman lends his support at a meeting of the Landmarks Preservation Commission.

Councilman Eric Gioia (D-Queens) said he'd found most Sunnyside Gardens homeowners support historic designation for the 16-block enclave built between 1924 and 1928.

The proposal had split the community between preservationists and those charging that limits on home expansions would keep large immigrant families from living there.

Gioia said he found there "is far more consensus of what people want to see in the neighborhood. Once you push past the vitriol, you saw huge common ground."

The Landmarks Preservation Commission, which gave tentative approval to the plan in March, is set to vote on the designation today.


Anonymous said...

My, my, my........after taking a lot of heat on the QC blog spot.....our doorman finally realizes that he can't buck "the voice of the people" or ignore the wants and needs of Sunnyside Gardens' residents ( regarding their overwhelming desire for landmark status) despite the marching orders to the contrary he's received from the Queens Democratic machine!

Eric.....just direct your feet to the "Sunnyside" of the street !!!

Anonymous said...

Did the doorman find his spine? Or did he just realize that the landmarking is now very likely to go through, and wanted to be on the winning side?

Anonymous said...

I am looking forward for Team Gioia to show up with a lot of photo ops and big smiles.

It is a shame that preservationists, unlike just about every other urban pressure group are so wimpy nicey nice.

They should publicly pepper him with questions on his cowardly behavior (after all, he was part of that gang of local politicians last summer that panicked and hid for a few days when the power grid failed until they figured out they could push the blame on Con Ed.)

The locals should take every opportunity at asking him about the efforts at the club house to spread false information and dissent in the community.

That would put a big dent on the outrageous behavior of some of the local pols. But the preservationists will not, of course. They will stand next to him with a frozen smile as gets all the credit. They will gladly accept his dollop of ice cream money for the brown signs.

That is why the preservation movement in this city is in trouble.

Anonymous said...

I guess they chose the brown signs cause you got to brown nose to get them?

Anonymous said...

Eric Gioia, Thank you for joining the forces of racism!

verdi said...

Gioia is like every "good" politician......a weather vane.....poised to catch the wind.....whichever direction it blows from ! That's how political careers are made or broken !

Obviously the people still have more power that Crowley's Democratic machine because Gioia sided with them in the end !

Thank you Eric........
and please take note Mr. Crowley !

We think the game board has been tipped in the voters favor for a change and you guys had better listen to them in the future !!!!

Anonymous said...

what a phony stiff photo by this dickless politician.

Anonymous said...

He doesn't need a "dick".....he's one himself !!!

Anonymous said...

ok ok please

Their records provide humor enough without comments like that which garners them sympahty and detracts from this board.

Anonymous said...

Oh....lighten up ! Let's not be so Victorian !
Slightly haute' comments are colorful and entertaining and provide comic relief for this intense investigative blog !

Anonymous said...

i like that... Eric "Dickless" Gioia.

...Let me tell you, all those comments about Pinky Gallagher..... I'd gladly trade you a Pinky for a little dickless piece of crap.