Tuesday, June 19, 2007

DOB upgrading website

From Architect Online magazine:

New York City's Department of Buildings has taken a critical first step toward digitizing the design and construction process, a move that will reduce the towers of paper—which average 300,000 pages per month—the agency receives.

NYC Begins to Move Construction Files Online

Thanks to 'Ring' for the tip.


Anonymous said...

It's a great first step. Unfortunately, the papers that really need to be scanned and placed in those virtual folders are the architectural plans. So often, neighbors and civic leaders have made the trek down to the borough DOB only to find that the "plans are out," and even the microfiche is not available.

A perfect plan for a builder that has something to hide.

Anonymous said...

DOB needs to upgrade its "corruption" dept !

Maybe remedial ethics classes are in order and polygraphing their employees on a regular basis could improve their honesty as well !!!