Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Sanford meets the Strip

This residential "confection" is in the process of being built on the south side of Sanford Ave. just west of Main St. in Flushing.

The first floor grand entrance lobby level facade, appears to have been cast in sugar or molded in a greasy baker's butter-cream.

It is definitely out of context with the archi- tectural style of the upper stories and would be more at home in Las Vegas with the rest of the pretentiously "classy" casinos along "the Strip!"



Anonymous said...

No class what-so-ever. Must be another TDC project. A horror!

Anonymous said...

Obviously appealing to an element that is, like sugar, refined to a high degree.

The taste of the tweeded is the taste of America.

Speaking of taste, and how the immigrants have 'revitalized' our commericial shopping districts (if the clubhouse propaganda machine is to be believed) just think, a few short decades ago you could buy imported hand woven Scottish tweeds on Main Street.

Well, the 'tweeds' are still left. About the only thing that is there.

Anonymous said...

It's called "Victoria Tower" !
(Almost every Chinese project that goes up in Flushing is called a "tower")! Was this, possibly, built by the owner of "Victoria Cruises" (???).....a company that features boat tours up... "the majestic Yang Tzee (phonetically spelled) River"... in China among others!

What an overinflated ego-structure!!!!

Guys who build these kind of pretentious monstrosities are usually 5 feet 6 inches tall !

How tall is Tommy Huang....by the way ?

Anonymous said...

Hey.....isn't that the Great Eastern Bank right across the street on the southwest corner of Main & Sanford ?

That's where Joseph Liu....our NYC Council member John Liu's convicted crooked father worked !

Boy....did he get off with a slap on the wrist for something as serious a crime as bank fraud !!!!

Isn't that same bank connected to (or owned by) Tommy Huang's father in law ????

Anonymous said...

The entrance is a crap version of Angkor Wat.

Many of the new towers in Flushing have ads only in Chinese posted on them. In other words, English-speaking natives need not apply, these towers are for Asians only.

I doubt Liu will investigate the racism of the non-English apartment ads.

Anonymous said...

A vertical "gated" community, just for the Asians. In other words, it's a new ghetto!

Anonymous said...

The whole of Flushing is an Asian ghetto !

Nobody else with any sense of civility or taste would want to live there !!!

Anonymous said...

Nonsense....this is the "Golden Land" !

Everything's "golden" here !

Flushing has become the original "golden shower" town as exhibited by the pissingly ugly structures that are being passed off as architecture !!!

Excuse me....I've got to go and take a leak !

Anonymous said...

I think those people who left neg comments up here have some issues among themselves. Every projects go up here in Queens have to have your neg comments. If you don't like what you see in where you live, then go live somewhere else. May be a good feedback would help instead of whining and whining...over the same stuffs.

Anonymous said...

The building looks nice and I think it fit right in there. This is not out of context because it is modern. Most people who live in the neighborhood afraid of change therefore they always oppose to any new development.

Anonymous said...

All of you are spoiled rotten people who live in a world of make believe, probably rent and really out of touch of reality. The Victoria Tower meets the demand of the "HOTTEST" place in NY....lol..and I thought I lived in the "hottest" place - Midtown Manhattan.

Anonymous said...

While the building is definately not an I.M. Pei project (like the current one in Midtown), it still looks far better than some of the old run down houses that used to(and still do) litter Flushing.

20 years ago I had two different people try to mug me right out of the 7 train station on Main Street in broad daylight. Now it is so lively and brimming with energy, I can't imagine the "immigrants" having done anything but make it better.

As for the comment about racists sales practices, I have seen english ads for many projects in the local real estate magazines. I doubt any developer in these times wishes to do anything but sell out their projects, regardless of race, religion or national origin.

Anonymous said...

I agree with the above comment. Just move on if you don't like it or buy out the entire building, demolish it, and rebuild your fantasy land there, dude. Peace!

Anonymous said...

This Victoria Tower in Flushing is developed by the husband of a former Hong Kong Porn star called Veronica Yip (aka: Yip Yuk-Hing). You can rent her porn movies. She strips totally naked in many movies.

Anonymous said...

The latest on this project, Victoria tower, knock it down and rebuild.

Anonymous said...

2018 and the building is still mostly empty. Walked in for open house ~4 years ago, cheapest one bedroom condo was around $600,000. The quality was not very good.