Monday, June 18, 2007

Crapping on the go

Sometimes you just can't be at your keyboard. And we know a lot of you are addicted to Queens Crap. Well, the Crapper has a solution for you.
Just pick up this free magazine at your favorite local retailer.
It's full of crap! The best examples of it make the cover.
This guy must have quite a crap collection if he really buys the homes he can't sell.

Overall, this provides the best fix when you're away from an ethernet connection and are jonesin' for some Queens Crap. And when you're home, you can use it as reading material in the crapper.


Anonymous said...

The problem is that taste is so coarse that people actually don't know any better.

I have had people argue tearing down a historic house and putting in crap is an improvement.

The fault of the public?

No, its the fault of the preservation community for not having a public outreach. Safe and snug and secure in their own communities they believe everything else can rot around them.

Boy, are they in for a big surprise. Once (not if) the landmarks law gets overturned they will be sitting up wide-eyed peering from behind their lace curtains at what is going up next door.

Anonymous said...

Man thats a whole lot of crap in one place.

Anonymous said...

pablo, pablo...please come to florida, pablo please come to florida you you you bastard!

Anonymous said...

Jake LaCrapa, the stuttering dumbass attorney for Councilman Dennis Pee Gallagher, should move into the basement of this building.

grvsmth said...

I'm not up on my crap. I can see what's wrong with the first picture, and the pictures in the third scan. But what's the problem with the second? It looks like an updated version of some brownstone rows in Park Slope. I don't like the ironwork, but it's not horrible. I don't see any air conditioner covers or exposed utility meters.