Saturday, June 23, 2007

Railroad Park getting railroaded?

It was one thing when one-family homes started to be demolished and replaced by four-family buildings, nearly doubling the number of housing units on the block in about a decade, residents said. The development was regrettable, but also allowable under the current zoning laws.

But the current construction, which residents say is occurring in Railroad Park, is harder to swallow, occupying vacant land believed by some to be part of a park that area residents went to great lengths to beautify in 2000.

Trees fall, condos rise on 133rd Ave


Anonymous said...

If the Parks Department was given land by Rochdale Village in 1962 ... ???

Well, Rochdale Village sold at least one of their lots in 2003 -- See DOF Block 12546 Lot 218...

But how a developer somehow subdivided two partial lots 218 and 300 into many tax lots needs more research. (DOF 2005000397438 and 2005000397439)

Good luck sorting out the ownership of a great deal of vacant land!!

Anonymous said...

The stealing of parkland (potential or actual) is nothing new!

Look at what NYC allowed the United States Tennis Association to grab in Flushing Meadows Corona builders can get away with murder......almost anywhere and at any time !!!!

Anonymous said...

Try this link to NYC OASIS for map. Put on the block and lot numbers for specifics.