Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Parks Dept response to horrible conditions at FMCP


Anonymous said...

This is a typical Parks Dept. PR blow-off response indicating their concern for the"builders" working in and around FMCP not the people who use it on a daily basis!

It's high time for Benepe (and Cooper) to be replaced !

Anonymous said...

What about Lewandowski?

Anonymous said...

Vague promises, but this is typical of how people in Queens are treated.

Don't worrry. Your betters know all about it. We will fix it. Our plans are secret. Don't worry. We will fix it.

The really funny thing is this is written by the same people that let the park fall apart.

The first step is to replace the people responsible. For once, clean house in Queens, dammit.

The second step is to go public with the deplorable condition of the park and announce your intention of improving it with a master plan.

The third step is creation of the plan, and letting the public know about it.

Of course they will not do it. To restore the park would you would have to clamp down on the abuses of the tweeded, and the patronage system, both the heart and soul of the clubhouse.

Ain't gonna happen just yet folks. Not just yet...

Anonymous said...

Note the absence of a date and addressee. This is boilerplate flatulence, pulled from her drawers.

What of any substance did this letter say? Lewandowski want us to know the size of the park, that it is a "flagship", that the parking problem is caused by the Mets, and that a bus smacked the monument.

Nothing is her problem.

Lewandowski: put the letter back in your drawers and actually write a letter with a date, and addressee, and address what YOU WILL do, point by point.

You're the manager. Or, are you not quite up to actually managing?

Jennifer said...

This BS letter looks very similar to a letter I received from the DEP regarding my dirty water situation. "We take concerns very seriously", blah, blah, blah.

These city agencies are the pits. They really don't care about a damn thing.

Queens Crapper said...

In the interest of full disclosure and in fairness to Dot, the original letter had a date and address which I removed to protect anonymity.

Anonymous said...

The public is being duped thats a standard reply, plenty like it at http://www.peacethroughunderstanding.com/viewforum.php?f=11&sid=e74a2fed831ba3c70ce13ab75222bd72
They are NOT restoring the New York State Pavilion's map just 7 panels. Manhattan and Queens has been is GONE for years and replaced with cement (park workers standard repair since the 1970's)
Second they already did an engineering survey, experts already know what has to be done and the cost (80 Million)

Anonymous said...

never mind

Anonymous said...

Is Dotty's signature authentic, or is is a computer-generated copy? That alone should determine whether she has read your letter personally, or had a staffer draft a reply.

Anonymous said...

Of course, Lewandowski also deserves the boot !!!!!
How silly of me to forget!

Let's dump the whole Lewandowski/Benepe/Cooper team !!!!!