Thursday, June 28, 2007

Power outage in Middle Village

Con Edison has restored power to thousands of Queens residents, after the lights went out for about two hours this afternoon, but with more severe weather on the way, the utility is bracing itself for another long night.

New Yorkers Brace For More Storms, As 200 Remain Without Power

About 11,000 customers lost power in Middle Village shortly after 3:30 p.m., sending Con Ed crews scrambling to get it restored. By the evening commute, only about 200 customers remained in the dark, some of whom have been without power since last night.

Wednesday’s storms also caused damage to homes throughout southeast Queens. A huge tree fell in Jamaica, blocking the entrance to one home on 104th Street and damaging another when it came straight through the roof.

Well, as long as the power was ok on the Upper East Side... how many more days left of summer?

Photo from Daily News


Anonymous said...

This Middle Village resident breathed a huge sigh of relief when power was restored. The foremost thought on my mind was.....Astoria.

Anonymous said...

As long as NYC's elite "power group" retain their uninterrupted supply of electric power .....who gives a damn about the rest of us folks.....especially those in the"outer boroughs" !

Manhattan, to them, is "the mainland".....the rest of NYC are the provinces !

What a bunch of parochial islanders !!!

Anonymous said...

I saw Vallone on TV criticing Con Ed because a lighting bolt hit the faciltiy in the Bronx causing the outage.

Has anyone asked him about his engineering credentials?

Being from the clubhouse, he should be aware engineering an election requires no formal education, engineering a power grid requires something more than a well connected daddy.

Anonymous said...

"On Wednesday, Mayor Michael Bloomberg called the blackout a "minor inconvenience,” then chose not take questions from the press on the topic Thursday."

Commissar Bloomberg stuck his nose so far up Con Ed CEO Keven Burke's ass last year that Burke looked like he had a turtle face too! It was at the Astoria power outage that the Commissar treated us to his "Little People" sneer.

Never mind! These two elitists have cocktails together, while we just drink beer and eat pizza. So, we don't count.

During cocktails, they sneer and giggle at our suffering.

Well, are we here to take shit from morons?

The Commissar is really no more personable or intelligent than Paris Hilton. And, he is just as impudent.

PS: Where was Ratface Gallagher or Queen Kitty Litter Katz during the power outage? What contribution did they make to their constituents who suffered?

Anonymous said...

Not to worry folks.....just call on "Pinky".

When Gallagher's "lit up" he can light up a whole building ! Why.....he's a regular mobile generator !

Bonus.....and his breath will kill all the roaches !