Saturday, June 23, 2007

Malba spa found operating illegal valet

Srinivasan said the BSA conducted its own site visit and "witnessed the facility's valet parking drop-off in the front of the building, which as you point out, is contrary to the board's resolution for this grant."

Malba spa cited by city for illegal valet parking

Subsequently, the BSA has advised InSpa World's attorneys to bring the site into compliance and asked the city Department of Buildings to investigate the facility's compliance with the board's conditions.


Anonymous said...

Just what is this place anyway? I keep reading about the "spa". But, is it a Spa? A Country Club? A Water Park? A Catering Hall? A Restaurant?

Whatever it is, since it opened and during construction, the traffic on 11th Avenue is awful!

Anonymous said...

There will be a couple of free "rub-downs" offered to some of the top brass at the BSA and they'll let the "Malba Spa" continue operating as is !

The violation will be remedied by, once again, "massaging" our municipal doubt !!!

Anonymous said...

The banners that were put up on the facade of the building, announcing the services at the Spa/Waterpark, have been quickly taken down. Catering was amoung the advertised services. Is this what the BSA approved?

Avella should hold the architect accountable, suspend his self certification, he's had that suspension before. And that arrogant lawyer Palatnick should be disbarred. That is, if he ever took the bar exam.

Anonymous said...

It was a busy weekend at the Spa, the valet parking is creating a traffic nightmare.

Anonymous said...

It's spelled Palatnik, there is no "C"


PS: He took the bar and passed.

Anonymous said...

Thanks counselor !

So you went to law school !