Monday, June 25, 2007

Lobbyists to hire lobbyist?

From the NY Times:

These are hard times for lobbyists, at least when it comes to public perception. The City Council is moving to limit their campaign contributions. Some top aides to Gov. Eliot Spitzer are letting it be known that hiring a lobbyist might not help one’s case in Albany. Even the movies portray them as soulless influence peddlers.

For Lobbyists, This Campaign Is Personal

So these days, when some of the most powerful lobbyists in New York City get together in private, they talk about the insults they are hearing and attacks they are feeling from all sides. Some have suggested banding together to change their image, to spread the word that they are not bad people. Perhaps even ... hire a lobbyist.


Anonymous said...

I'll bet that the "Parkside Group" lands the job !

Nevertheless, lobbyists are generally low-life !
Once you fall into a vat of sheep amount of PR spin is going to make you come out smelling like a rose !!!

Anonymous said...

Did I miss it? Could it be true that Evan Stavisky was not quoted in this article? What happened?

Anonymous said...

Lobbyists hiring lobbyists to do their dirty work....ha....ha....ha !

That's like an inept contract killer who hires somebody to do the job he's not good enough to do himself !!!