Wednesday, June 20, 2007

F'ing it up in Brooklyn (& Queens)

This post from a month ago is getting a lot of mileage, probably because it makes a little too much sense for the MTA to implement it:

If we're serious about getting cars off the road, and congestion pricing in Manhattan, let's take the simple (and cheap!) measures available to us to make subway commuting a more attractive option for the outer boroughs. The better we make our transit systems, the more people will get out of their cars.

Brooklyn Streets, Carroll Gardens

I love the idea of extending the V out to Brooklyn and running the F as an express. It seems like an egregious waste of resources to let these tracks sit empty, when we could cheaply improve service to thousands of people in Brooklyn and Manhattan. The V is currently a ghost train in Manhattan. Let's split the F train's burden more equitably with the V.

Here are some reports of F train conditions along its Queens route. (They ain't positive.)

Photo from Chen's New York City Subway Page

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Anonymous said...

F is certainly the appropriate letter to represent this line.