Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Stop work order at Hackett Building

There's apparently a stop work order on the site of the former Hackett Building, although work seems to be proceeding there unhindered, as per Curbed:

Insult to Injury at LIC's Hackett Building Demo as I walked past & saw this stop work order I felt a little bitterness lift from my shoulders. The violation is for unsafe working conditions, though when I snapped this pic, I heard more work than usual going on behind the wooden barrier.


Anonymous said...

We shall say this over and over again.

This building got torn down because the landmarks commission discriminates against poorer neighborhoods.

And the city-wide preservation community is doing nothing of substance for Queens.

(so why don't the preservationists in Queens repay the favor by overturning the landmarks law already?)

Anonymous said...

It's time for the NYC Landmarks law (which clearly, discriminates by economic class or by neighborhood) to be abolished !

An article #76 lawsuit should be filed against the LPC for not doing their job (in this case fostering de facto discrimination) !

Anybody wanna call a call a lawyer ? !!!!