Thursday, June 28, 2007

Checkerboard crap

Department of City Planning records say that these ugly homes in Maspeth were built as 2-family homes in 1980. However, Department of Buildings records say that none of them are 2-family now:

50-40 69th Street

50-42 69th Street

What doctor's office?

50-46 69th Street

What's with the enclosed balconies, anyway? In the winter, they're full of condensation.


Anonymous said...

Who's kidding who ?

Each unit certainly looks to me, in this photo, like a 2 & 1/2 family dwelling to me !

Is DOB blind, stupid or (still) a pack of a-- kissing crooks ? !!!!!

Anonymous said...

Three EXTENDED families per bulding that would move in and out yearly.

They don't put down roots, don't give 2 s*ts for the community, but boy oh boy likely know all the tweeder services avial. to them.

Ah the new Queens!

Anonymous said...

Now try to find the building permits used to build these addresses in the first place!!

Anonymous said...

Brown is a good color for them. Its the color of shit!

Anonymous said...

DoB has been harrassing Maspeth residents and this horror gets approved.... ridiculous.

Anonymous said...

It's very clear that from the top on down to the bottom .....the Bloomberg administration's varioue agencies and departments have targeted working class neighborhoods for over development and hasn't even considered improving infrastructure !

The "haves" will get more services and improvements while the "have-nots" will get less......except when it comes more out of scale and out of context building !!!