Monday, June 25, 2007

Graffiti bill changed to protect free speech

Council Member Peter Vallone Jr., a hero among anti-graffiti activists, has rewritten a bill banning anyone under the age of 21 from carrying such "graffiti materials" as spray paint, in an effort to satisfy a federal judge who prevented an earlier ban from being enforced.

Graffiti Bill Is Rewritten To Foil Free Speech Suit

The new version of the bill would allow people under 21 to possess spray paint and large permanent markers if the materials are carried in a sealed container or a bag closed with a key or a combination lock.

"It's not ideal and it's not what I envisioned originally," Mr. Vallone said. But even with the compromise, he noted, "It's the toughest in the country."


Anonymous said...

That's utterly ridiculous!

Anonymous said...

This is stupid. Those judges are totally out to lunch.

Some kids can walk around with guns, and no problem. But you still don't want them in their hands, even though they have a right to bear arms.

Some kids can walk around witih spray cans and no problem. But you still don't want them in their hands, evern though they have a right to 'express' themselves.

Anonymous said...

Most (underage) graffiti vandals "rack" (steal) their materials from somewhere and carry them however and whenever they wish without fear of search or seizure by the NYC Police Vandal Squad!

Big deal ! Everybody's shakin' in their sneakers Mr. Vallone !

Stop grandstanding with this same tired old issue already (that nobody seems to be able to put a major dent into) and go out and do something really useful for a change !

Anonymous said...

I agree with anything that helps cut down on graffiti. Kickin' that greedy jerk Ecko out of the city would be a great start.

It's a shame that this legislation had to be rewritten because of this sleazebag "designer," whose only concern is his own income, NOT the rights of the teenagers.

Anonymous said...

Rob.....every manufacturer besides Ecko (including those bright fellas who make the"I-pod") is cashing in on (or exploiting) the teenage market !

I loathe graffiti but "Junior" Vallone hasn't done much anything that's really concrete to cut down on its constant reappearance ! It's just a good political issue for his bandwagon !

Graffiti is much like the fabled "Hydra" of Greek quickly as you cut off one head it soon springs another !

A better more effective plan is needed rather than politico Pietro Jr. always grandstanding with photo ops and introducing weak token legislation !!!

Anonymous said...

Since Rudy left NYC, graffiti and real estate value has increased exponentially.

Only an idiot would think this is actually about graffiti, or that graffiti is relevant.

This is about a corrupt politician scheming votes by seeming to do something, but in reality doing nothing.