Saturday, June 23, 2007

J-Liu wants school to replace Home Depot

With his district starved for schools, City Councilman John Liu is dropping the E-word.

The Democrat wants the city to buy a Home Depot on Avery Ave. in Flushing - even if it means using eminent domain - and build a school or two there to offset school crowding.

"This should be done yesterday," Liu said. "They asked me to find them space, and there's no space in the Flushing area better than this."

'Site oughta be a School Depot'

Yeah and you should have thought about this yesterday before you ushered in the overdevelopment of downtown Flushing...

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Anonymous said...

If you were John Liu.... wouldn't you be thinking ahead to that infamously wasteful and corrupt School Construction Authority and all the covert kick-backs (?) politicos like himself might be getting out of the deal of building a new high school in the backwaters of Flushing on the polluted land that Home Depot now occupies ? !!!

Well....maybe that location isn't so far away. After all.... the redevelopment of "Wellington (Willets) Point" will include the need for a new school....h-m-m-m-m! That certainly dovetails nicely in "the plan" (so it's to be the use of eminent domain all around) !!!!

Talk your way out of this one Johnny (we know that you or one of your flunkies are scoping this blog spot).....maybe you can even hold another press conference and grab a new photo op for your scrap book .....or is it "crap book" ? !!!

Remember .....John Liu is the son of a convicted crook ! Does the apple fall far from the tree ? !!!!!!

Anonymous said...

Decades ago someone proposed a nasty little idea:

Have all new residential construction oked by the school board only if there are enough seats.

Myth: NY welcomes and embraces the refuse of the world ...

Realty: ... so it can tweed them.

The resources of the city are for the developers who get deluxe treatment; the children of the immigrants cannot get a good education because the school has no room for them.

If you are going to take advantage of someone make sure they are defenseless. Children are a good place to start.

Anonymous said...

Maybe Pinky asked John Liu to push for this so his construction company could get more work.

Anonymous said...

"Remember .....John Liu is the son of a convicted crook ! Does the apple fall far from the tree ? !!!!!!"

Crime is close to the Liu family.
His first cousin is married to Tommy Huang. Take some of the crap that Tommy built by emminent domain. Starting with the Great Eastern Bank!!!!

Anonymous said...

I think The Parkside Group persuaded Johnny Liu to to take the spotlight on this issue. Parkside's client, the AAFE, wants to rezone the adjacent area from Manufacturing to Residential. It was a thread on this blog a few months ago.

The AAFE is a link on the schools web site.

Anonymous said...

John Liu is a piece of crap.

Anonymous said...

I don't think this is a good site for a school. It's located right next to a highly congested arterial highway. Better check the air quality.

Anonymous said...

Maybe it's a "brown field" site and they're going to suck up some of that loose federal money, that's always around, for the clean up etc. !

H-m-m-m-m......more $$$$$$$ to pass around the table !!!!!!

Hey..... what if John Liu plans to run for Congress (after he's term limited-out???) .....could some of those $$$$$$$ be skillfully laundered and wind up in his campaign coffers ???? !!!!!

Who knows ??? !!!

Anonymous said...

Where does Liu's kid go to school? I bet it's not next to a sewer retention tank or a highway!

Anonymous said...

You mean little "Joey" named after his convicted of bank fraud grandfather Joseph Liu ? !!!

Remember daddy Joe's role in the Great Eastern Bank job? !!!

Anonymous said...

isn't this type of background the prerequisite for being a successful politician? go johnny!