Saturday, June 16, 2007

Pinky allocated $$ to Dem's empire

Last year, [Brooklyn Democratic boss Assemblyman] Vito Lopez's organizations got at least $572,000, without any sponsors being disclosed.

City pulls lid off pols' pig trough

This time, Lopez-related groups got $609,750. Sponsors included Council members Diana Reyna and Erik Martin Dilan, both Brooklyn Democrats, and Dennis Gallagher (R-Queens), who all represent districts in and around Lopez's turf.

Council Budget Is Adopted, With Members’ Pet Projects Identified

There was also $100,000 for Chess in the Schools Inc., for using “chess to teach critical thinking and problem solving.” That item had a dozen signatures, including those of Ms. Quinn, Gale A. Brewer of Manhattan and Eric N. Gioia of Queens.

City Budget Includes Millions In Lawmakers' Pet Projects

Incidentally, the photo comes from Middle Village Idiots, who did a bang up job of unveiling an old photo of Pinky back when he thought he was Fonzie.


Anonymous said...

Oh've got to be kidding me! First of all, that picture is chilling. Apparently D.P.G. was an out-of-control drunk back then, too. Second of all, who the hell is he to parade around like a dyed-in-the-wool Republican and give our tax money to Dem causes? What an asshole!

Anonymous said...

Ugly then, ugly now. Was he also just as stupid back then?

Anonymous said...

Well at least he's not wearing a powder blue shirt and white dockers in the photo.He is, unfortunately, sporting the same face, minus the Woody Allen glasses.

Anonymous said...

The 104th Police Precinct is woefully understaffed. So many other municipal project promises unkept by Pinky. And he has the nerve to support a democrat from another borough?. I understand all about political quid pro quo, so where is our slice? Why the hell do I pay taxes?

Anonymous said...



Anonymous said...

Pinky wants the 104th to remain understaffed. It will be those officers who have to come to arrest him.

Anonymous said...

Guzzling Gallagher was on a "toot" even back then !

Anonymous said...

Hey Crapper, can you find an old photo of that stuttering dumbass attorney, Jake LaCrapa? I think he looks like a snake.

Anonymous said...

Want anything Dennis?

Anonymous said...

Hey Dennis keep throwing stones and your large glass house will be brought down with one large rock from the many I have accumulated over the years.

Try me, please.

Anonymous said...

Dpg, Holden its getting old. We need to focus on the real issues. The only persons who get wet during a pissing match are the ones in between. Lets move foward and adress the issues that effect us. The real issues are unchecked overdevelopment, illegal immigration , and quality of life issues. Graffiti is up, robberies, auto vandalism and other crimes are skyrocketing. Lets get back to adressing the real issues that plague our communties.

Anonymous said...

Holden never stopped fighting against these issues.

Where has Pinky been this entire time? Fighting against Holden, every issue he takes on, and every member of his civic association.

Anonymous said...

As a resident of Middle Village, I have seen both civic associations fighting against these issues. Although you may have personal issues with DPG, I have seen him and "his civic association" do nothing but fight for this community. If the two civics got together to work on issues they agree upon, it can only be a stronger voice for the community. On the other issues, maybe everyone should grow up and remember why they are members of these civics - for the community. As "fed up in our town" stated, all you are doing is pissing on the community residents who support both of you on many of the issues. Let's focus on the issues again. It would be nice to see the civic associations fighting city hall rather than each other. Just my humble opinion, I am sure I will be ripped apart for it by the respectable adults who frequent this site.

Anonymous said...

MV Dan:

We at Crappy have no personal animosity towards Pinky (the stumblebum drunk, even on the job). He is an elected official whose actions and behavior are destructive to the citizens of District 30 and the environs.

As an elected official, he has no right to believe he has any privacy regarding what he does with our tax dollars (or, what he fails to do). If he's that sensitive to public criticism of his public behavior and actions, that he recruits you to write your comments, he obviously needs to work elsewhere than at the public trough.

With our tax dollars (and yours, too), he has formed his own "Civic" and has formed a Blog whose personal vitriol against citizen volunteers is unmatched, even in hell. Should he be spending tax dollars this way? Did you tell him that you approve or that you oppose his behavior? How have you made your approval or opposition known to him?

Have you read the comments on his Blog? Have you entered any of your own comments on his Blog? If so, what were the nature of your comments? If you read comments by others, what is your opinion of those comments? How would you characterize them? Would you repeat those comments to your family at the dinner table? If you repeated those comments at your workplace, what would your management say?

Is Gallagher fit to represent you? Why? What has he accomplished for you and your family? Can you be specific?

His entire public persona is now driven by a bilious hatred for the "other" Civic, whose members have no tax money, no legal power, and no animosity towards private (or even public) citizens.

Has it occurred to you that the one "pissing on the community residents" is the very one you want the other Civic to appease?

Why is this "Professional" politician unable to swallow his pride and act like a grown up man and support the "other Civic"?

MV Dan, make the necessary distinctions when you purport to analyze this situation. Thinking residents can make the distinctions and have overwhelmed the other Civic with support in the form of dues, letters, phone calls, conversations and the numerous ways that ordinary people show when repulsed by a rogue tax paid municipal employee.

The ability to make such distinctions is the hallmark of advanced civilizations.

Anonymous said...

Notice that MVMCA members want the vitriol to stop here, but have no problem with it on their own forum and blog. Hypocrites. I'm sure they all want St. Saviour's saved, too.