Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Developer Charged With Bribery

Published: June 20, 2007, NY Times

The developer of a multifamily house on Maple Street near Kings County Hospital Center was charged with bribery yesterday after offering a building inspector $1,000 to overlook a safety violation, city investigators said. The man, Vauguens Michel, 49, was charged with bribery and rewarding official misconduct, according to the Department of Investigation. Rose Gill Hearn, the investigation commissioner, said that Mr. Michel offered the bribe to an inspector who had found shoring work on the site to be inadequate. The inspector reported the offer to the Department of Investigation, Ms. Gill Hearn said.

Photo and more from Brownstoner: Developer Charged With Bribery of DOB Inspector


Anonymous said...

Gee.....Diogenes, candle aloft, is rewarded in his "search for an honest man" !

The DOB inspectors are, apparently, scared shit of DOI since they turned their guns on that infamously crooked department some 15 or so years ago !

Remember the initial sweep that first made the headlines and caught approximately 14 DOB inspectors with their pants down ? !!!

Anonymous said...

I thought is was more than 14 or was it 14 just from Queens?