Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Con Ed says density to blame for blackout

From the Queens Gazette:

"Con Ed officials last week unveiled a $300 million power substation that will provide 900 megawatts of additional power to Queens, Manhattan and The Bronx.

Con Ed Chief Executive Officer Kevin Burke said the power was needed to meet an increasing demand for electricity, especially during the summer months, to prevent a repeat of last summer's blackout in neighborhoods in Astoria and Long Island City."

What????? We thought the reason was simply outdated equipment, like fried feeder cables...and that it was all Con Ed's fault. Now we find out that the real reason is that too many people are living in LIC and Astoria and are straining the grid. This is shocking.

Photo from NY Times


Unknown said...

what is the story with pinkys chief of st aff does she do any work or is all play for her

Anonymous said...

What does this have to do with the topic of discussion. I am not partial to Pinky so lets move on to the real issue of not eneough power for the amount of homes being built. Can we get the contractors to incorporate some sort of fees for the required electrical updates necessary to supply the added homes in our areas.

Anonymous said...

Jake LaCrapa, the stuttering dumbass attorney, would like to rent a room here.

Anonymous said...

Again another BS hit with nothing to do with the topic. Lets worry more about the issues then personal conflicts. This site has so many good points. Its good you bring up issues that can be debated. Politicians must be accountable, yet personal attacks are not necessary. Lets get to a more positive plain. The Community at large are getting annoyed at the same old repetaive retoric.

Anonymous said...

The community at large is getting annoyed with misspelled comments by anonymous posters.

Anonymous said...

Jill who are you, I may not type well but the message is real. Lets move foward.

Anonymous said...

When Pinky stops, so will we. But he won't so neither will we. Until he's behind bars. Which should be very soon.

Anonymous said...

Yeah the Crapper makes a good point. Everyone was saying it was the outdated equipment that caused the blackout. Now they are saying they opened a new plant to prevent future blackouts caused by too many people using too much power. So either the pols lied back then or Con Ed is lying now. And the answer is...?

Anonymous said...

Again with pinky who cares ? It is not helping the cause of overdevelopment. We need to focus on the issues at large. Everything that was on the agenda for improvement is taking a back seat to this BS. If this does not stop many people will become discusted with both the civics and politicians. That will result in the demise of our communities. Crapper please help us in winning the real fight.

Queens Crapper said...

With all due respect to your opinion, "anonymous," Pinky is one of the major reasons our borough looks like crap, and will continue to experience more blackouts. I agree that the name calling gets childish at times, but the bastard brought it on himself by waging war on innocent civilians. There is only one civic association battling him and they are the most successful civic in the city, so maybe you could learn something from them. Perhaps if more civics stood up to their Tweeders, life in Queens would be better. Instead they sit there and swallow the B.S. If the politicos didn't control their purse strings, things would be different. But the almighty dollar rules, and that perpetuates the tweeding. WAKE UP QUEENS!!!!

Anonymous said...

It is reprehensible that Eric, Micheal, and Peter were hiding for the first critical days while they black out unfolded.

It is sad that they misued the trust the public has in them by whipping up the mob and directing their wrath on Con Ed. The crisis came about from their poor management of the community and its development, pure and simple.

It is equally sad that they were given a free pass by the papers.

To the gang of three: we will say these things over and over again. You will never dodge these issues and we assure you that they will come back to haunt you the span of your careers in public service.

This is our promise.

Anonymous said...

Typical Queens newspaper. Never really coming out with the clear truth, and most importantly, never giving any useful news.


Anonymous said...

Hey its me, the Con Ed guy that has posted here before. I mentioned this blog to some of the fellows who read it and love it.

Its about time the public knows the real truth about the blackout, but you know, enough of us live in western Queens that most of our friends and neighbors know about the truth anyways. As a matter of fact, a newspaper talked to one of them who gave the reporter and earful - and who refused to print what they said because it did not toe the politician's line.

Thats ok. No one really believes much of what they read in those rags anyway.

We are tired of the politicians blaming us - after all - I live in Astoria and my family did not have power last summer too - although I understand that Peter Vallone's block did.

Funny how things happen like that. The community was falling apart, Con Ed couldn't get anyone on the phone and had to send trucks out to guage the extent of the damage, while he was hiding out in air-conditioned comfort at home.

The point is that I told you months ago in this blog that Astoria needs a new substation. Now wait until you see where they are going to put it (hint: its not going to be where all that new developement is on the waterfront - oh no - those guys might make the problem, but they ain't gonna eat the smoke!)

Anonymous said...

Put that new sub station smack in the middle of the Vallone's and the D' Amico's neighborhood !

They hid out on the issue of over development causing the blackout for so long !

Now let them choke on the smoke !

(P.S. incidentally....Lenny....the son of Queens County Clerk Gloria D' Amico.....lives comfortably in the Broadway North section of privileged East Flushing far away from the ugly builders' crap and power outages of overcrowded Astoria) !!!

Anonymous said...

Gee and wow-eeee.....imagine over development being the real cause of the Astoria blackout !

A child could have told us that !

Over development generally sucks.... and has serious repercussions which gravely affect our quality of life in NYC.

But don't you think, at least, if your going to increase a neighborhood's density, providing infrastructure improvements before you build should be a definite first step ? !!!

Not with this administration's attitude of build first then deal with substandard infrastructure later !!!

Anonymous said...

Jake LaCrapa, can you go any lower?

Anonymous said...

I really liked how last summer, when a reporter went to Astoria Park and asked the people if they were going to conserve, he got a resounding no.

Now you can walk up and down the streets and look at all those cafes - open to the air, pumping air conditioning into the open.

That is smart. And of course, no one telling them to stop.