Friday, June 22, 2007

Brian may cut deal for less prison time

Prosecutors in Manhattan federal court last Thursday hinted at the possibility that the racketeering case against former state Assemblyman Brian McLaughlin may be settled before jury selection begins in October.

Settlement possible for McLaughlin

By reversing his original plea, McLaughlin would likely face a reduced sentence. But federal prosecutors declined to discuss any stipulations of a potential plea deal; nor would his defense attorneys discuss it.

Feds Hint At Plea Deal, As Ex-Pol’s Trial Looms

Photo from Queens Chronicle


Anonymous said...

If you're a thief assemblyman and union boss who even steals from little leaguers and you are offered less time in prison of course you would give up anyone and everyone. My bet is that Councilman Dennis P. Gallagher is starting to sweat just about now.

Anonymous said...

Sources within the Manhattan Disrict Attorney's Office have said that DPG's name has surfaced, but it does not yet rise to a level of indictment.

The information provided has, however, given DA investigators enough to open an "inquiry." These are some of the same individuals who have previously investigated DPG on the buildings corruption case. That particular end result left these individuals with a bad taste in their mouths.

They are motivated to "vett" the allegations supplied by the former assemblyman. But as of yet, there is no "there there" (quote). In other words, don't hold your breath for a Pinky indictment, but it won't be from a lack of trying on the DA's part.

I'm only the messenger here. Take from this what you will.

Anonymous said...

FACT: In the months that preceded the McLaughlin indictment, Gallagher was seen and heard with McLaughlin talking significant $ going to DPG from Brian's slush fund.

Anonymous said...

Despite Anonymous # 1's comments, Pinky has to be dreading the deals that McLaughlin must be making.

Does McLaughlin have documents? Tape recordings (audio/video), witnesses?

Even Pinky knows that McLaughlin will not let light treatment without rolling over on others in his gang. That's the way this stuff works.

So, Pinky: some advice from someone who wants you in jail: go to the US Attorney before he comes to you! You'll have some chance to preemptively get even with McLaughlin. That's the other way this stuff works.

How's that for tit for tat you drunken, self-abusing, sexual harasser?

Keep your eyes on your own crew, Bubba. Who is that on the phone with them? Who was that they briefly spoke to in the deli?

Anonymous said...

the rats are beginning to jump the badship SS Pinky.

Anonymous said...

Mc Laughlin is only going to roll over on the less powerful.

He knows that if he rats out some mob tied (???) biggies (???) he may wind up getting "whacked" or "shacked-up" with "Big Bubba" in the "pen" who'll be more than glad to rip him a new one (???) !

It's all part of the plan folks.....he tosses a couple of minor crooks into the fire and does less time and keeps his skin (and maybe his union job as an electrician) !

Do you think he'll apply for an apartment in "Elec-Chester", now that his mansion on long Island has got a (federal ?) lien on it ? !!!!

He deserves to walk the plank !!!

Anonymous said...

Equally as bad, if not more corrupt than Brian McLaughlin, is Councilman Dennis P. Gallagher. Here’s a partial list of his activities as a city official who has made millions off the taxpayers of this city and state:

• With investigators breathing down his neck Brian McLaughlin dumped stolen money to Gallagher.

• Dennis P. Gallagher sexually harassed staff members going back when he was chief of staff to Councilman Tom Ognibene right up to the present.

• Dennis P. Gallagher conspired with a crooked building consultant to corrupt the NYC Department of Buildings.,robbins,25518,5.html

• Dennis P. Gallagher took bribes, free gifts and got special treatment and jobs for his friends. Detectives have hours of wiretaps on him proving this.,robbins,2551

• Dennis P. Gallagher formed a phony Democrat political organization called “Concerned Democrats for an Independent Queens”, funded it with cash and mailed flyers to thousands of voters before an election bashing an opponent.

• Dennis P. Gallagher formed a phony civic association, funded it with money from his cronies. It’s his own private platform to try and fool residents.

• Dennis P. Gallagher formed a company called and sold pornography from Christ the King High School.

• Dennis P. Gallagher illegally uses his staff to do his campaign, personal work and work for his phony civic group while on the city payroll. They are also working against the volunteers and a civic assoc.

• Dennis P. Gallagher got his wife a job with the School Construction authority. Later they formed their own company that illegally does business with NYC schools and even set up company contacts within a local public school.

• Dennis P. Gallagher is so corrupt and immoral that he spreads vicious lies in the neighborhood about dedicated community volunteers.

• Dennis P. Gallagher writes attack letters to newspapers against volunteer civic leaders using assumed names, one of his favorite names phony names is Truman Harris.

• Dennis P. Gallagher created a phony blog with the sole purpose to defame, spread vicious lies and try and destroy a civic association and its leaders.

• The best is not being mentioned here since it is under investigation. You see Dennis Pee Gallagher shits where he eats… he forces his staff to perform illegal and immoral activity, he cheated ex-employees, cheated political friends and bragged to several people about his illegal activity.

This is not blog BS. This will all come out very soon. Notice how some of his closest "friends" are starting to jump ship? You can see some of their comments on QC. Little by little only the very dumbest will stand with him and will go down with the dirty pink corrupt machine.

Anonymous said...

"Sources within the Manhattan Disrict Attorney's Office have said that DPG's name has surfaced, but it does not yet rise to a level of indictment.

The information provided has, however, given DA investigators enough to open an ["inquiry."]."


Anonymous said...

Gallagher & Mc Laughlin !

Two Irishmen in the same boat (?) trying to stay afloat !

H-m-m-m.....maybe soon they'll become the "new fish" in prison together !

2 Bunko artists soon to become bunk mates ?? !!!!

That would, indeed, be justice well served !!!!