Sunday, June 24, 2007

I.O.U.'s for taxes still not paid

In a roundup of 41 audits conducted since 2002, city Comptroller Bill Thompson reveals that $23.8 million in funds owed to the city went unpaid by companies operating concessions or franchises on city property.


The fees owed by the tennis center were supposed to have been collected and put toward the maintenance of Flushing Meadows-Corona Park. In addition, the Parks Department, tired of poor publicity, announced that they are in the midst of more than 300 projects.

Graphic from NY Post


verdi said...

Us New York City residents get LAID without getting PAID every time a company, operating concession or franchise is LAX in paying their TAX !

Anonymous said...

Yo Verdi, you got more SOUL than you can CONTROL

Anonymous said...

The USTA (tenant) owes NYC (landlord) money (rent). If they don't pay, evict them!

Anonymous said...

Put the CEO's in Jail and take all the rich peoples money out of the off shore accounts TAX THEM HARD!
How can them call them self Americans when they don't pay there fair tax! Thanks for loop holes.