Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Subway sandwich

Passengers packed like sardines on several subway lines may eventually get some breathing room, but the city's most cramped commuters may have to wait years for relief.

"It's bad news," Transit Authority President Howard Roberts said Monday. "There's no room in the inn."

Transit head: No quick fix for overcrowding

Subway crush

Adding more cars to trains and extending station platforms could alleviate pressure. But that takes money the MTA doesn’t have, said Roberts, and one potential funding solution — congestion pricing — could exacerbate the problem in the short run, especially if diverted drivers choose to take trains on already overcrowded lines.


Jennifer said...

gee, I wonder why the trains are so over crowded???????????

Anonymous said...

Build it fast, and build it big. Build them everywhere and they shall come.

Don't be too concerned about how they will go.

Anonymous said...

Ok, guys, now we have everyone's attention on the overcrowded transportation network. You got the media's attention because this involves commuters with pull that live in the suburbs.

Now for heaven's sake expand on this: schools, hospitals, fire and police, sanitation, etc.

Remember, the more people, the more services will decline for those of us already here. The more people, the more those of us that are already here will get stressed out.

More people does not help NYC residents, only hurts us.

georgetheatheist said...

I ask again, Where? - WHERE? - is it written that there HAS to be 1 million more people here by 2030? Where?

Anonymous said...

In the Bloomberg briefs...it's time he washed those things!

verdi said...

Bloomberg & Co. have to pull that million people figure out of his magician's hat to justify the need for all the overbuilding that's been planned !

If we stop over development.....we stop the lucrative cash flow from developer to politician !

Then.... how else will a builder be able to buy somebody like Dennis Gallagher, Melinda Katz or John Liu etc. ? !!!!

Anonymous said...

I don't like the "subway sandwich" as it is currentlt served!

I'm switching to "Quiznos" (the LIRR) as an alternative means of transportation !