Monday, June 25, 2007

How not to publish a newspaper, part 5

Behold the physical seediness of the Queens Ledger offices on Grand Avenue in Maspeth.
The sign is temporary because they most likely will be forced to move again soon.

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Anonymous said...

Everything Queens Ledger "publisher" Walter Sanchez touches turns to crap. The sign is very appropriate for representing his newspaper.

Anonymous said...

How representative of the overall lack of self respect or respect for the community of his stenographic operation.

Misspellings, issue date errors, page numbering errors, slavish lickspittle devotion to lazy, do-nothing elected officials.

Sanchez is without pride, ethics, and now, it looks like, money.

Hard times Walter?

Here's a free tip: stop over-distributing. It makes people notice how many papers remain unsold. The advertisers pay for eyeballs; I think you deliver news stand time.

By the way, my Sanitation collectors will no longer permit the "Queens Ledge" to be put out as recyclable. They demand it be put with the garbage - kitty litter, used diapers, uneaten spaghetti, and the other slop. What should I do? Now I don't want to touch the thing? Could it be contaminated?

grvsmth said...

Now that building is crap!

Anonymous said...

Ratty newspapers, like hack politicians, may not look nice, and be counterproductive to what is good for the community, but they are around because they do their job for the right people.

The people that matter. People that always get off the hook because everyone is ranting about the govenor, the mayor, the president, and God.

May make you feel good, but it leaves the real bums off the hook.

georgetheatheist said...

The building's facade looks great for the sport of rock-climbing!...Sanchez can position a trampoline on the sidewalk so if anybody falls during their climb, they can bounce across Grand Avenue and land on the OTB parlor!

Anonymous said...

Do they have a permit for that sign? It looks large enough to need one.