Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Sopranos sets for sale

A Sopranos moving sale is being held at Silvercup Studios:

Here is Your Chance to Own Part of 'The Sopranos'

The sale is being held in a lot across from 21-36 44th Road in Long Island City.

"Sopranos" Memorabilia On Sale At Queens Warehouse

Get your gaudy mob baubles while they last!

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Anonymous said...

The perfect decor for a Pistilli building lobby (wink wink)

Anonymous said...

Haa !
Who the hell needs reminders after growing up In Maspeth-Ridgewood in the 70's.
I hate that bogus show and cant sit through it. Sheila Gaffy (casting director)is a friend of mine, she likes my voice. The show pays $75 a day to sit 12 hours on a mosquito infested Jersey Lot as an extra waiting for the cast to show up.

Anonymous said...

We have enough real mob nostalgia in Queens as it is- St. John's Cemetery is full of mobster monuments. Anyone remember the royal funeral procession given to John Gotti?

Anonymous said...

Maybe some Mc Laughlin and Gallagher (or even Stavisky & Liu??? ) artifacts might go up for sale after they're convicted !

Hey.....Brian is about to spill his guts to cut a better deal for himself !

You never know !!!