Saturday, June 23, 2007

1965 photos of NYS Pavilion

These pictures appeared in the April 1965 National Geographic:

Courtesy of Bob Bobster


Anonymous said...

my god , just like i remember it..what a gorgeous facility it was.

Anonymous said...

Truly worthy of being on the same list as Machu Picchu.

Did anyone see this week's letters in the Queens Tribune? Flushing's own Ben Haber has expressed support for demolishing the structure.

The man who has defended the park for so many years has moved into the same camp as the spineless politicos.

Anonymous said...

Well..... I don't think it rates on the same level with Machu's clearly a great site but certainly not the same caliber !

Somebody surely did a lot to win friends and influence people on this one to get it world class listed !

However, it should be saved and restored as an important part of Queens' history and architecture !

How about landmark status ?

Anonymous said...

Yes.... it came as a bit of a surprise......but, then again, Ben Haber has always been primarily interested in the protection and preservation of the green spaces of FMCP not its structures !

Anonymous said...

The culprits are the NYC Department of Parks & Incompetents. One commissioner after another has neglected this landmark jewel. They should be charged as criminals with how they have left this magnificent structure crumble.