Tuesday, August 4, 2015

Wow, that's a lot of bullets flying!


Anonymous said...

Was the tape edited, did they cut the part where 50 white NYPD officers did all the shooting and killing?
This is Mayor DiBlasios ,"Dante's Inferno NY Style"
Didn't mayor DiBladio warn Dante to Stay away from white cops in black FASE with guns trying to kill him
We're the "Blacklivesmatter" signs reprocessed by the evil Bankers?? No one has a crayonnto write new signs?? Screw it
Just riot,grab a few TVs,knock of a few drug stores DiDlasio will order the police to stand down for a few hours,get at it,the sun is coming up soon.

Anonymous said...

50 NYPD officers shoot up black neiborhoods,people with Black Lives Matter signs scatter as DiBlasios version of "Dante's Inferno NY Style" played out,act 1,stay tuned pleanty of hot weather comming IS DANTE IN HIDDING,LAW ENFORCEMENT WANTS TO KNOW?

Anonymous said...

Her son was probably a "gang banger" and she's rallying about anti violence. Why don't you raise your children more responsibly? What a freaking joke! Most shootings (not all but most) occur between two people who know each other or are apart of different gangs. Stop allowing your sons to run the streets late at night and start raising them to be more responsible young men. I know a lot of good, decent black men who are trying to make money not by selling drugs or robbing people but by getting educated and going to school like they should be. I know black men who make 6 figures in their fields. One is an engineer for the city of Philly and the other one does something with public relations. I also know another who is an er doctor. So stop crying about the police not doing anything and control your own children!

Anonymous said...

Good thing we ended "Stop and Frisk", cuz Black Lives Matter, right Duhblaz? Charlene? Al?

Anonymous said...

I watched a different report yesterday and it's funny how more and more people in the "hood" are reluctantly asking for the City to bring back Stop and Frisk.

Anonymous said...

Bottom line:
No matter whose bullets are flying and for what purpose...
in an urban setting there is bound to be collateral damage in a fire fight.
Whether a baby gets hit in some gang bangers drive by shooting...or six rounds from a cop's Glock tear through an innocent civilian's car stopped by a traffic light...it all sums up to damage or death.

This is a gun worshipping culture we have here. "Hi ho silver...away...BANG! BANG!"
A gun might be essential in rural areas where self protection is needed, or for hunting to provide food.
When in use on overcrowded city streets, great caution must be used in discharging any firearm.
My uncle was an NYPD officer. He respected the power of his service weapon ...safeguarded it from his children...and used it with great caution, if necessary.

My respect to all modern cops who have a very tough job these days. My respects to all community residents, black, white or purple who have to deal with any trigger happy non NYC resident cops.

Anonymous said...

I raised 2 Children as best I could,you can't Always blame the parent,once drugs or alcohol enter the picture and rap music and Hollywood culture take over its hard to right a sinking ship,these kids need jobs and a Police record can hurt them if arrested by 15 or 16 and most of the kids can make more money than dad if he is even around in one day selling drugs than I made in a week
Movies and TV shape their mind an culture because government has forced god out of their lives.

Anonymous said...

Illegal immigration for cheap labor and no chance of employment in the black community is the only answer
History will judge Obama as the last chance African Americans had and he squandered it, I have never seen race relations this bad and it is going to get worse,
Liberalism is the KKK polished to destroy an entire race
Planned Parenthood is killing blacks every minute of the day.
God created man,man killed God and created liberalism.

Ned said...

Obama really cut the throats of his own people and is out to destroy the country beyond repair. He wants chaos so he can give executive orders like declaring Marshall law, suspending our rights and the constitution (as the patriot act allows under 'keeping continuity and restoring order" go house to house grabbing all the legal guns like they did in NOLA during Katrina, suspend elections.
Its true read the Patriot Act sections on "keeping continuity" and "restoring order" It includes using the military on civilians

These illegals are taking almost all the black jobs and are being treated MUCH better then blacks by the government. The blacks are infuriated by this and things are going to get worse. Black kids are joining gangs to survive, get money and stuff they want refusing to see any evil in Obama. Inner city black youth are blaming everybody else and feel justified & entitled to do and take whatever they want. Successful white people and business owners are at the top of the list.

One good Blackout or hurricane will turn the city into the ugliest scene ever witnessed in history. The cops out numbered 1000 to 1 wont be around. Most will be home "armed" protecting their own family’s or the Mayor with taxpayer paid for guns & bullets.


JQ said...

Ok I will be the first to say this-Why the hell was an AIDE physically attacking a reporter?!! Did our Avenger for One city reprimand or fire that twerp for obstructing press freedom?

I can clearly see The Blaz is living in hipster paradise. Wearing that dumb hat pandering to the crowds aping dominican culture with a look of elation of someone literally blissfully ignorant.

And why wouldn't he be, because this is where he is since that community organizer was wondering. He is preoccupied with the continuation started by his fun size predecessor to make the 5 boroughs a combination busch gardens amusement park and imitation Dubal luxury city. Using the majority of the NYPD to chaperone and guard these transients and pioneers, and as security for the banks and wall street. The absence of any authority still in East NY is shocking because that's where the next city enabled gentrification project is going to infect soon.And would you believe this fat fuck is using Reagan's trickle down theory to provide affordable housing.

Despite all the crime in these towns by the usual suspects (Gangmembers not the race in general), it's the leadership and the policies involving enforcing the law. That laundry list of decriminalizing supposed petty crimes has given the dregs a sense of free reign, compounded by an obvious lack of police presence at large gatherings. If you can send a crew of officers to Yankee Stadium on a terror attack hunch, why wouldn't Bratton send some reinforcements to patrol a basketball tournament in East New York, where that have been actual prior incidents.

The vast income disparity is also a factor. And kids today are more cynical and thanks to social media, more informed. And despite the presence of cameras everywhere, it has not deterred all this brutality. In fact they don't even hide their faces, it's like they think they'll be famous and be celebrities in their hoods.

The method of stop and frisk and the use of broken windows has caused blowback. For stopping a totally innocent person might have let some scumbag rape a woman or shoot someone, despite the boasts of Bratton and that unfeeling quote in that report crime stats have remained the same as the last few years.

But all you have to do is look at that stupid smile as a reporter was shoved and see why the chaos is spreading, although with all these millions in ny and billions visiting how can one notice

. Nice job channel 2, it's a tale of two cities and two mayors at once.

Anonymous said...

#Black Lives Matter

Does anyone have the time or location where there will be a protest about this?
Does anyone have Al $harpton's ETA for starting the march for Justice?

Anonymous said...

"A gun might be essential in rural areas where self protection is needed"...Self protection might be needed anywhere at any time and this is our right as American citizens. If you think the police would be around to save you after an event like 9 /11 or Sandy you are sadly mistaken. Gun ownership is legal and should remain so. How many of the guns used in this passed weekend shootings were legal? I doubt any.

Richard Stefan said...

WE NEED A WAR ON EBONICS! There is really only one way to end all this...its behavior and functional illiteracy that is the overwhelming problem..not race or politics.

There was no white flight in schools, parents saw the next generation of kids on a jail track and not a college one, so they moved and guess what? so did blacks. If you apply for public assistance you must sit in class 15-20 hours a week and learn English and Math for your EBT card....your FB page must be in your own name...there was no Trayvon Martin FB page but there was a gangsta one, and you must respond in English not ghetto

Let the prisoners decide how long they want to stay in jail.....cool idea...its up to you.....just read and discuss the New York Times in front of a parole board and ask for a second chance...that could take 5 or 50 years their choice......the problem is NOT racial discrimination, but severe functional illiteracy and we need to break the chains.

Anonymous said...

To the one who thinks that most of these guns are not obtained "legally" Watch this interview with Col. Sam Dotson, chief of the St. Louis Metropolitan Police Department, and Edward Flynn, chief of the Milwaukee Police Department from Tuesdays' PBS News Hour.

The vast majority ARE "legal" due to are bizarre gun laws.


Anonymous said...

NYC is not St. Louis or Milwaukee. Gun laws in the northeast are generally much stricter. If you listen to the whole piece the problem neighborhoods have high poverty and drug rates along with a disrespect for law enforcement. Fix those issues first and watch the problem go away.

Anonymous said...

It doesn't matter how "strict" NYS gun laws are if the guns can simply be bought in neighboring States and brought here.

It is bizarre that military-style weapons can be bought, often without even a background check and it is lousy that we expect cops & citizens to face this sort of thing.

Anonymous said...

"Bizarre Gun laws"
Give me a break,illegal immigration, corrupt politicians, corrupt judges,sanctuary cities,amnesty for crimes,zero prosecution of non white CRIMINALS and on and on and on!
Forgive me if I grant Myself amnesty and decide to purchase firearms without Mr Cuomo's permission.
I am a undocumented.............. Fill in the blank.

Anonymous said...

Crazy Louie Farrakhan calling for 10,000 young men to rise up,stalk and kill white people, that's a terrorist threat,why is he not in jail? If he gets his wishbwho is going to protect you?nthe police? Good luck with that
Buy a firearm anyway you can,your life Might dependnon it.

Camel bladder said...

Come on folks. Who was unable to predict that this would happen with the recent changes in police policies and the attitude towards police by mayor Wilheim the pot head and on a national level by our glorious leader in Washington? These sub humans that are carrying out this violence have always been out there and always will be. Very aggressive policing and ball breaking on a regular basis is needed to keep them under control. Unless we are willing to do this our cities will become very dangerous unlivable shit holes.