Tuesday, August 18, 2015

De Blasio enables never-ending welfare cycle

From City Journal:

New York City mayor Bill de Blasio is proposing a full employment program for government-funded social-service workers. In the process, he will likely gut one of the most successful welfare-to-work initiatives in the country, and possibly return New York to its former status of America’s dependency capital, when one in seven New Yorkers were on the dole. The city’s gargantuan welfare agency, the Human Resources Administration, has just issued its “new vision for employment and education services.” Welfare users will no longer be expected to immediately look for and take a job in exchange for taxpayer support, an expectation that was the key breakthrough of welfare reform. Instead, welfare recipients will serve indefinitely as receptacles for an endless array of taxpayer-supported services.

Welfare applicants and recipients entering this complex new world of services will go through a three-tier assessment process. Those recipients deemed “fully employable” by HRA will get . . . not a job, but more services! They will be referred to off-site “contractor locations,” where the contractors will provide “in-depth assessments and direct clients to the proper set of services that are tailored to individualized strengths, interests, and needs.”

Does the “fully employable”welfare recipient now start looking for, or working in, a job? Not necessarily. According to HRA’s planners, “Individuals may then be referred to a combination of services,” which might include CareerBridge, a “new set of HRA contracted services for contextualized adult basic education, high school equivalency preparation, bridge training, English as a Second Language, and vocational training”; and CareerAdvance, “for clients who are job-ready, have high levels of skills/education, and/or others whose personal goals are immediate employment will be referred to CareerAdvance contractors to receive services.”

In a word, services.


Anonymous said...

This is such a disgusting reversion to the old decrepit ways of old. But let’s be honest, a welfare recipient that actually works are few and far to come by. As a former HRA employee I have seen first-hand the “work” that a majority of these people get. They are sent to “Back-to-work” programs where they get cycled into a queue of telemarketers for Opinion Access Corp. And even then its per diem, allowing for them to spend their nights drinking and getting high (using your tax dollars to do it) and spending the days sleeping it off. Not going to work at all is more common and less of a headache for the mooches. Getting listed as FTC (failure to comply) with the recommended work does nothing to affect them. Yes, their case COULD be closed, but then they can be found re-applying the next day. Or they end up being “sanctioned” and that’s nothing more than having certain benefits suspended for a short, inconsequential amount of time.

Under Bloomberg, there was a steady balance of cases being closed or rejected because of a person’s refusal to work. DumBlasio begun to pillage the once successful HRA infrastructure. He’s even begun shelling out your tax dollars to the delinquents who refuse to pay their rents, for whatever reasons, just to say he’s stifling the homeless rates in the city (FAIL). This mayor is a disgrace to the city and its employees and the people as a whole. Just wait until he holds a press conference at one of the “job centers” biggest misnomer ever, and announce that all you have to do is show up and the city will pay for you to sit on your lazy ass.
Way to go DiBlacksio. Keep driving the city into the ground.

Anonymous said...

Pure Marxism: from those who work to those who do not but have needs.

Anonymous said...

Seems like violent revolution is the only means left to straighten out a mess like NYC-elections obviously don't work when the sheeple keep on installing the same old shit bent on destroying the city completely with insanity like this. Maybe the rest of the nation will then follow suit if NYC takes the lead.

Anonymous said...

I may have to move to back to NY, those welfare benefits are bigger than my pension,NY NY itba hell of a town

Anonymous said...

dumBlasio is channeling his inner John Lindsey.

Anonymously Grey Gardens said...

Are you really shocked, surprised and disappointed, Anonymous, when Bill de Blasio himself prefers (and demands) a Brooklyn gym workout to all high end, expected, official, responsible civic duty, as his faux, Bohemian wife begs off from jury duty, because, according to her, she is too busy (now, this would be laughable if you, me and every city taxpayer were not busy shelling out two, six-figure incomes to Czarina McCray's personal handmaiden lackeys, despite that she hasn't been elected to city dog catcher)?

Alas, when purported authority and power at the top starts showing egregious signs of false, fake and failed leadership (that has never led by example), then what can you possibly expect from everyone else beneath the power grid (and grab)?

In the end, NYC has become a hollow, unresponsive bureaucracy for even more hollow, oppressed, detached and lifeless people (languishing in survival mode)!

After the false Emperor with no clothes, Bloomberg murdered the very heart, soul and pulse of New York, this default replacement mayor is taking the road to personal power, privilege, private splendor and unjust enrichment to new heights of unearned, undeserved exaltation---versus, the entrenched, public squalor and decay that he witlessly enforces upon everyone else---with a vengeful, apathetic impunity!

If ever there was a time for impeachment in NYC history for this amateur, carnival sideshow of civic, humanitarian fail, then it would be right here and right now.

Then, these two middle aged, pseudo-hipsters can fade away into the Brooklyn sunset, and sip twelve-dollar lattes in Park Slope, in between the stress of juggling luncheon, manicures and daily gym workouts!

Anonymous said...

Comppared to the money siphoned off by developers, politicians, and their hangers on welfare is a pittance.

Anonymous said...

Why can't the people of NYC impeach him? Is there a law on the books to impeach someone who is detrimental to the city and is causing its downfall? If there isn't, shouldn't there be one? The public is helpless while the mayor is throwing our hard-earned tax dollars in the garbage.

Anonymous said...

Build a welfare state and they will come... and come... and come.

Anonymous said...

David Dinkins & and Jimmy Carter must be smiling - no longer considered the worst nyc mayor and POTUS.
Even Marion Barry isn't looking so bad...

“The problem with socialism is that you eventually run out of other people's money.”
Margaret Thatcher

Either get out while you can or you will get into a wonderful new homeless shelter.

Bloomberg's overbearing nanny state is starting to look not so bad.
who would have thought...

Just wait - once the FBI is all over Hillary, Bloomberg will jump into the primary saying he can fix everything :-O

HOLD ON!!! there are some rough times ahead

Anonymous said...

One term mayor. All we need is someone to beat him.

Any takers?

(cue the crickets.....)

Anonymous said...

Seems like the mayor is listening to the party machines and their puppets on city council.

Just THINK of how many hacks will find jobs.

Its called TWEEDING folks.

So much for the economic windfall they tell us that all this real estate churning will do to for the city.

It will go towards training staff for the uberrich.

Anonymous said...

Remember this when you criticize the mayor: we would get nowhere if city council did not support this. Ask your councilman about this and share with Crappie.

Middle Villager said...

Sorry I can't ask my Council person, Liz Crowley, she is MIA. And even when she is present she is non compos mentis.

Anonymous said...

google 'Seattle homeless' and see what happens when you have unemployment under 3% (virtually zero) but have generous handout programs that attract people from all over the northwest. you think NYC is bad? They have homeless camps all along the highway. The downtown areas are littered with addicts and beggars who basically join you for lunch when you eat at outdoor cafes. Other cities literally buy their homeless one way bus tickets to Seattle to let them take care of their problem.

All this from the same city that has its own Socialist Party that got voted in to city council. I don't get it but it actually seems to work out there. All the regular folk have jobs and enjoy paying for all these leeches.

Anonymous said...


Archie Bunker said...

"Didn't need no welfare state. Everybody pulled his weight. Gee, our old La Salle ran great. Those were the days"!

Anonymous said...

HRA employs 16000 so called city workers. a good percentage are illegal aliens who have more rights than those born in NYC to a NYC job. No green card, no education or work experience? no problem. You can be a convicted felon and work for HRA. 16500 employees and they forced a white person out off the job. It's not for everyone they said, meaning HRA jobs are not for WHITE PEOPLE.

Affirmative action has put many black women in director positions who have no idea how to manage people and who practice bias daily. The unions are complicit in this.

Steven Banks look into the PAA's who did not take any exam to be promoted but were pushed through the ranks and paid for that supervisor status. You should look more closely at those who are practicing fraud. Human Services? there should be a giant on every welfare office- this is for black women and their babies. quoted from a welfare worker.

Anonymous said...

anonymous above has it perfectly right. HRA jobs are not for white people. having spent meany years working in an HRA office i can first hand confirm that whites are outnumbered by at least 10:1. and yes, a majority of these workers are illegals, most fresh off the boat from some African country, with no English proficiency.

a large number of the "senior" members of management have never taken any exam and were promoted through the ranks for no reason other than seniority.

and don't waste your breath going to the worthless DC 37 union. they're equally useless and there isn't a single white representative in their hierarchy and the ignorant people who continually vote and support Anthony Wells and his blowhard stances that make it appear hes working for you, when hes clearly not giving a rats ass just adds to the clear racial divide within the agency itself.

i got out, thankful i did. id rather watch the ship burn from shore than try to jump overboard when its too late.

Anonymous said...

NYC offers an endless opportunity for intergenerational welfare.
Hmmmmm....as long as those on the dole are citizens...that means votes for welfare platform candidates.

Come to think of it aren't politicians on municipal, state or federal welfare?
Certainly members of Congress are.

Look at former Congressman Ackerman...serving...uh, make that servicing...his constituency for decades.
Now Grace Meng, daughter of an convicted criminal and former pol, has got a cushy spot to hide in for years.
WTF does she do beyond taking photo op stands on Asian issues anyway?

Anonymously Grey Gardens said...

Hmmmm, Ackerman, Meng, Katz, Addabbo, Ulrich, Miller, Van Bramer, Ferreras, Pfeffer, Goldfeder, the Vallone Dynasty (all of them), the Crowley Dynasty (all of them), and far too many other 300% false, fake and monstrously failed career, cradle-to-grave politicians to name in this missive, are part of an exclusionary, failed, public service payroll club---and you're not invited!

In the end (as in the beginning), the trail of corrupt, dishonest leadership (that has never led by example---only privilege and private splendor), is the fault of an indiscriminate, dwindling, voting public, who continue to ignore the warning signs by failing to organize with activism, protest, public referenda, rally and resistance, and making educated choices at the voting booth, instead of abstaining altogether.

Now, many decades later, and the murky, polluted waters of Queens County, the Board of Elections and Borough Hall just keep getting swampier by the minute---as Queens County itself is now the official gateway to the Fourth World!