Tuesday, August 11, 2015

Major Mark Park is in disgraceful condition

From Cleanup Jamaica Queens:

Such a small park, but such a big mess thanks to our low-class ghetto/third world folks who destroy anything nice in this community, one of the reasons the revitalization of Jamaica will fail (story to follow later on that subject).

So Melinda Katz and crew, want to include this on your Jamaica initiative brochure and highlight this park for your “tourists” to get a taste of a third world park.

Looks like a nice park right?


Anonymous said...

Perhaps the BP can hold a concert there to bring attention to the parks's poor condition.

Anonymous said...

Most city parks in Queens are becoming a dumping ground for household garbage.

Anonymous said...

Many parks are being used as makeshift homeless shelters where one can sleep, urinate, defecate, and generally make the park a mess. Summer is the worst time!

Anonymous said...

Tell me about it.

Some parts of Maspeth are starting to look this way!