Friday, August 14, 2015

Weeping Beech Park invaded by homeless

From the Times Ledger:

The Bowne House Flushing is calling on the city Parks Department and other city agencies to address the growing homeless population and the drinking and drug activities in the adjacent Weeping Beech Park.

An officer on the board of directors of the Bowne House Historical Society said the homelessness and accompanying problems at night have been occurring during the last year in the park, located 143-20 37th Ave.

This has had an adverse effect on the Bowne House, whose property has been littered with liquor bottles thrown over the fence and debris, she said.

She has been reaching out to social service agencies to assist the homeless people and has notified the police of the criminal activities.

“They (Parks) said they come twice a day, but it’s not adequate,” she said. “You’re dealing with essentially a very small space that’s heavily utilized by people in the neighborhood and other groups.”


Anonymous said...

If they can figure out how to give a traffic ticket for being 2 minutes over on the meter they can figure out what to do here.

Great how the electeds suddenly act stupid and clueless. Funny they never act like that in front of a developer.

Anonymous said...

Flushing is like an open sewer.
Peter Koo does not want to hear anything negative said about it.
So he ignores it.

Anonymous said...

The only answer is to close the park at night.
With all that new and dangerouse synthetic marijhuana around, which the homeless are beginning to use frequently,
It's only a matter of time before somebody gets seriously hurt.

Anonymous said...

Colorful vibrant diverse bustling Flushing.
Glad I moved east 40 years ago, far away from all the downtown crap.

Anonymous said...

They are there during the day too.
Poor, poor, poor Rosemary Vietor of Bowne House.
That ought to bust her 17th century minded bubble.
Learn to accept the non DAR image of a downtown slum
that Flushing has become.
Maybe she might hold a tea part for the homeless
on Bowne's front lawn. LOL!

Anonymous said...

The homeless are pouring in from Manhattan where the mayor does not want them...

Anonymous said...

Bye Bye Bowne House (so sad)

Anonymous said...

The liberal Mayor wants to keep his White and Black constituents happy by dumping the homeless in Asian and Spanish neighborhoods.

Anonymous said...

>The only answer is to close the park at night.

Because some people refuse to obey the rules, no one should be allowed to use the park in the evening?

Do you really think the people causing this trouble would care one whit if you put up a sign saying "no one allowed in the park after dusk"? =

Anonymous said...

All the parks in Manhattan close at Midnight. Do this at Bowne House.
The homeless winos go there because no one is brave enough to chase them out. At Washington Square Park they put sprinklers on all night long to stop the bums from sleeping there. Do the same thing at Weeping Beech Park.

They are there because they get the idea it's their park. Look closely at the neighborhood. there is most likely a soup kitchen, a methadone clinic or some other bum friendly place nearby.

At the park in Woodside, there used to be a food truck that feed and encouraged the illegal aliens. Probably near there too.

Or... hate to say this. let a corporation adopt the up keep of the park.

Bareknuckle Love said...

Doesn't matter. There's plenty of homeless who decided to set up homes in front of a closed store at night. Scare them out of the little parks and they start going camping at Kissena Park in the woods making a mess.

Anonymous said...

How about some surveillance cameras. Fugghettabout it. The 109th precinct is too busy taking payoffs from local Asian madams to care about bums in a park. There were two cops there who FINALLY got arrested for running a whore house protection business years ago.
If lazy bums like Toby Stavisky , Peter Koo, Grace Meng actually did something, they would push very hard for the creation of another police precinct. Grace Meng, daughter of Jimmy Meng...former politician and convicted criminal...has got it made in DC's shade. She is a Congressmember for as many years as she can fleece the electorate. Her predecessor, Gary Ackerman was in office for decades.
Term limits for everybody up and down the line. A running stream delivers fresh potable water. Stagnation in the political stream delivers poisonous crooks full of self entitled ideas about themselves.

Anonymous said...

Set the dogs on 'em!

When I walk my American Staffordshire Terrier (pit bull) past that crew, I make sure he brushes closely by them, snorting or growling. Then I pull back on his leash. You should see them cower in fear. Yeah....a citizen dog patrol would work just fine.
What the law cannot accomplish some concerned citizens could get done.
Otherwise close the damn park after dark.

During the day a bunch of unsanitary looking sleaze bags monopolize the benches in the southeast corner. I wouldn't want to sit on one of those even after they left....who knows what crap or disease has contaminated them.

Solution "B" ...remove the benches. Give a bum a bench to lounge on and he will.
You should see what sits on the benches on Roosevelt Ave. next to the #7 train entrance. Street furniture encourages vagrants and the mentally ill to make use of. Normal people rarely get to use some of these benches. Providing these kind of public amenities only works in more civilized areas. Flushing has become a third world ghetto.

Anonymous said...

That's why it's weeping

Anonymous said...

Gary Ackerman is back?