Sunday, August 23, 2015

Pols want airport employees to park at the airport

From the Times Ledger:

Two Queens legislators have appealed to John F. Kennedy International Airport officials and airlines to help local residents regain the ability to park in front of their own homes, which has been limited due to employees from JFK who have overrun residential parking spaces.

State Assemblyman Phil Goldfeder (D-Howard Beach) and City Councilman Eric Ulrich, (R-Ozone Park) sent letters of concern to 10 freight and passenger airlines expressing concern and announced a forthcoming meeting with officials of the federal Transportation Security Administration to consider possible solutions to the problem.

“Our middle-class families work hard and deserve to enjoy the community they invested in without having to spend their days and nights circling the block looking for parking space,” said Goldfeder. “I urge the major airlines and other employees at JFK to be good neighbors and put the brakes on this practice.”

In letters to major airlines at JFK, Ulrich and Goldfeder called on the carriers to respond to reports of employees parking in Howard Beach, Ozone Park and adjacent neighborhoods to commute to the airport via nearby AirTrain stations.

“TSA and other airport employees should be parking their vehicles on Port Authoritry property, not in front of homes in Ozone Park and Howard Beach,” Ulrich said.“Hopefully, they will take action to alleviate this problem to free up much-needed parking for homeowners”.


Anonymous said...

Oh come on. Every neighborhood located near a subway or transit hub has the same problem. Ozone Park, Woodhaven, Forest Hills, Rego Park.... Get over it! What crybabies.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous # 1
So why can't it be fixed ? We all have to suffer because others have a problem too ?

Anonymous said...

Without opening up free employee lots, I'm not sure what can be done about it.

Anonymous said...

Neighborhood parking permits. If you don't live or work in an area you can only park for 1-4 hours as needed to manage demand, and still allow short term parking for shoppers, AC repair guys etc... No guaranteed spots for those with a permit. This isn't about reserving public curb space for the wealthy, the program can be administered for $50 per car. It would cut down on streets being used as park and rides.

Anonymous said...

Thank god this is being addressed!

I live in South Ozone Park and parking is so limited because employees will park here then walk to the airtrain. Some jerks will even take up two spots...

I don't mind parking a block or two away, but if I have my baby with me, or groceries, etc, it really becomes a hassle.

Anonymous said...

Neighborhood parking permits. If you live or work in the area you get a permit for $50 a car per year, or whatever it costs to run the program. If you don't have a permit or one day guest pass ($5-10 each?) you can only park for 1-4 hours. Neighborhoods won't serve as a park and ride, short term visitors and shoppers are unaffected, and you don't price many people out of their cars.

Anonymous said...

Anon no. 1:

We can always count on someone like you posting something like that here.

Anonymous said...

NYC doesn't even have parking permits in the Rockaways.

kapimap said...

the airport can surely find onsite parking for $5 per day, with in terminal drop offs. thats the big draw of parking and jumping on the airtrain, one is dropped of in terminal. from what I have noticed, the airtrain mostly serves airport employees anyways.

(sarc) said...

we need another government program and agency.

the new JFK parking authority under the the control of the un-elected & un-acountable Port Authority of NY NJ

we can have enforcement officers with a beautiful new fleet of "official" Japanese built, government purchased Priuses.
(and we wonder why we have no jobs)

the agency will put together parking permit fees, fine schedules, to offset the cost of the new agency as well as subsidize the ever losing port.

and parking permits will be sold to highest bidder on crags list!

lets get the government involved to fix this

they do such a good job with obamacare, the post office, social security, the veterans and the homeless.