Friday, August 14, 2015

Arboricide in Whitestone

From the Queens Chronicle:

Rich Yanniti drives the Q15A bus along 10th Avenue in Whitestone and recently noticed the fallen trees along his route. He and at least one neighbor are displeased to say the least.

Both were planted this spring as part of the city’s MillionTreesNYC initiative and their posts still stood this week. Their tags still indicated that they were linden redmonds, but the lines beneath the words “tree cared for by” were blank. And the trees were felled.

The cuts were smooth, indicating the intentional work of a saw blade.

One was sawed down about a month ago, Yanniti believes, and the other one was slain more recently, around Aug. 6.

Both were still in place in front of 151-45 10th Ave. as of last Sunday afternoon.

He said he also reported damage to a third, more mature tree around the corner, which appears to have an incision around the trunk, but still stands.

Yanniti reported the destruction to the city Parks Department.


Anonymous said...

Does Queens have a serial lumberjack on the loose?

Anonymous said...

No just a bunch of Asians, Italians, Greeks who do not like trees. This is Whitestone.

Anonymous said...

Arborstone in WHitestone, Arborside in Bayside

Mitchell said...

This angers me to no end...Trees are a necessary part of our life here on the planet. The city should not give in, they should immediately re-plant the felled trees and get more surveillance to find out who comes back to do this again.